what is a good makeup brushes?3 top makeup brushes reviews

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By Vicky

what is a good makeup brushes?Let's see the 3 top makeup brushes reviews!


Sephora Professional Round Crease Eyeshadow

Review by fitnessa: yea I really liked this brush until I cleaned it...then the bristles expanded and the brush ended up becoming weird and useless...now I can only use it for a large E/S brush

Review by ZoSo: This is the best brush I've ever seen/used in my entire life. It's better than any of the MAC brushes i've ever used too. It's made for an everyday person so its definitely not hard to create that dark crease look. I feel like you can set any color in your crease with this brush!!! I love it...

Review by stephanie32082: I refer to Sephora professionnel brush #13 (the description misses the number, essential to know what we are talking about)
this is the Sephora brush I like less.
I cannot get much use out of it... Is that because I do not have much of a crease and cannot make it pop?? In anycase I apply at least 3 different shades on my eyes (upper lid, V-corner, inner corner all have shades that show) but none w/ this brush as color does not show.
However, I tried to use this bush as a blender, bu it is way too soft and does not blend colour. it just tickles your skin, but does NOT applies well color, there's a lot of fallout as the bristles are long and soft.
Not really satisfied, and cannot even return it (I am in Europe!).

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Paula Dorf Foundation Brush

Review by runty: I received this in a swap and I love it! I have always used my fingers to apply foundation, so I didn't think a brush would do a better job, but I was wrong! I found that this brush really gave my foundation a smooth, even finish. Although I haven't tried another brand's foundation brush, I probably never will!

Review by mielr: I'm really not happy with this foundation brush. Although I had heard some good things about PD brushes, this is one of the worst foundation brushes I've used. For some reason, the bristles tend to clump together in separate groups, therefore creating a less-than-smooth application. So after using this I always have to go back over certain areas with my fingers to get rid of the lines created by the brush. Not good. My smashbox foundation brush blows this one out of the water, IMO. Will not repurchase.

Review by stellaluna2: I love this foundation brush. I was skeptical of using a brush to apply my foundation but ordered this after reading the rave reviews on MUA. It works great and enables me to apply my foundation more evenly. Since I've started using it, I use less foundation with better results. 8-1-03 update: I've lowered my rating from five to three lipsticks because this brush has started falling apart on me. I got it a year ago, but I only began using it regularly at the first of this year. I wash it out gently after each use, and it's held up well until this week, when the fibers started falling out of it. I can't use it now because every time I do I end up with brush fibers all over my face. The brush worked well. I just wish it had held up longer. I plan to replace this brush with another brand.

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Urban Decay Wonder Brush

Review by scrapdoll: I love this brush, but I only took off one lippie because I wish it had come with a cap. I like the brush a lot and it's great for both concealer and lipstick/gloss. But I have this problem now where I don't know where to put the brush after use. It has lipstuff all over the bristles and I don't want it messing up the inside of my purse. Or even if it were a retractable brush that would be okay yoo. The brush itself is perfect, especially for applying lipstick. I would buy something similar but with a cap, or one that is retractable. Some of those are hard to find though. Oh well. I think I will just continue using this brush in my lipsticky bag until I can find something better. I wonder if UD make a retractable brush... hmmm...

Review by nemomemo: There isn't much more than I can add about this brush that hasn't already been said - so I'll just throw some more love its way. I've been using it as a lip brush and it's great. Tip good for precision lining, flat firm smooth bristles for application of the lipstick/stain/wax to the rest of the lips. No fibers coming off or losing its shape, and I'm pretty rough on brushes. I'm definitely going to get another one to use for concealer, as I think it will work even better than my MAC brush, which is starting to show some wear after many years of good service. It's a well worth it at full price from Urban Decay, but I happened to get one on ebay that had a slight dent in the handle for about 2, so a ridiculously great bargain can be had if you don't mind that sort of thing.

Review by betsyab: Great little brush by UD. Taklon with nice shape that allows one to use it for cream shadow, liquid liner, concealer and lipgloss. Would certainly repurchase if I lost it!

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