what is a good makeup brushes?3 good makeup brushess

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By Tifanny

what is a good makeup brushes?Let's see the 3 good makeup brushess !


Smashbox #11 - Contour brush

Review by stellaluna2: This is a fabulous brush as all Smashbox brushes are, and I have quite a few. But honestly, Ive used it maybe twice in the 4+ years that I've had it.
It'll be on my swap list if anyone is interested.

Review by Elixir: I don't know how I ever made it without this brush! It is a must-have for applying eye shadow in its true color. Why? Because this brush is excellent for packing the color - which is what I have to do when I wear an eye shadow base. This brush also has a dual use, it is great for applying color in the crease when using the smaller, pointed end.
This is a beautiful, well-made brush that will last for a lifetime if properly taken care of.

Review by bobsy: I have all the Smashbox brushes and think they are fabulous. Soft bristles. Great quality. FUn red handles. #11 is the slanted flat top brush which is great to apply crease color of highlight the brow bone. I rarely reach for this brush though cause i prefer 15 and 3. Nice if you like the shape.

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Kevyn Aucoin Small Eye shadow Soft Round Tip Brush

Review by Carrie: I really love all of my KA brushes. This one really gets the job done. I use this all the time when I'm applying one of my Stila trios. It holds up wonderfully and feels so soft.

Review by Pinki: Since I do not have any similar brushes to which I can compare, I must admit, this brush is excellent for its purpose. Its dense but soft bristles apply eyeshadow into the crease with definition. This brush has become a staple in my collection. =)

Review by redheadjane: This is an ok brush. The quality is nice, burgandy lucite handle, no shedding. Retails for 29. Problem for me is the size of the head. This is a small round brush that is the standard windshield wiper brush but smaller with more densely packed bristles so it really adds more color. I too prefer a fluffier windshield wiper brush, like TM #29. The shorter bristles apply too much shadow in too small of an area. However, if you want more accurate placement or if the color isnt too pigmented, then this brush would would nicely. Its a nice quality brush, just not a favorite for me. Will occassionally use it with some lightly pigmented shadows.

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MAC PRO Brush #231

Review by moth: I use the 231 for my Studio Finish concealer and it works great. It picks up and applies just enough product without it being cakey or overdone. It's easy to clean, and holds up great to washings, just like all of my other MAC brushes. Overall it's a great purchase, and I'd consider purchasing multiples for detailing shadow, etc.

Review by mz654: The 228 brush used to be my favorite mini shader but now this one is. It really packs the color on effortlessly. Now I use the 228 mini shader for blending in small spaces. The 231 brush has synthetic bristles at the top, like the 187 stippling brush. Works nicely in the crease as well. I have small Asian eyes with a small crease, so this is a holy grail brush for me. Perfect for detail work!

Review by angelchan: Love this brush! I dip it in any of the dark eyeshadows, such as the black one from the new Gentle Fume palette to line between my eye lashes and the bottom of my eye. Its hair is soft enough that it doesn't poke your eyes and make it watery, as much as the other brushes do.

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