what is a good makeup brushes?3 best-selling makeup brushes reviews

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By Monica

what is a good makeup brushes?Let's see the 3 best-selling makeup brushes reviews!


Ecotools Powder Brush

Review by didion0312: Until I got this brush I thought it was my mineral primer/setting powder that was simply to dry, giving me that caked/powdery look. However, after getting this brush I realise it was my previous brush picking up too much product. Now my face looks all smooth and lovely when I'm finished, all thanks to this brush.
As the others have said, it is super soft, big and fluffy. It does not shed. And it is cheap for a quality brush (I think I gave 8 dollars for mine). There's only one thing that is a bit bothersome: the fact that I had to search high and low before I found a store that shipped to Sweden at a reasonable price.
However, this is not my HG powder brush. I'm still looking for that one brush that I cannot live without since this is just a bit too...floppy, I guess, at times.

Review by mz654: Great powder BRUSH!!!! I like it so much!!! It is so soft and apply all powder, i.e. loose powder, mineral powder, compact powder, etc perfectly and evenly. RECOMMEND!!!!! No complain at all.

Review by munchlaxy: Purchased this the other day based on the reviews on the 5piece set.. but i just needed a powder brush so i took this home and was amazed how soft this brush felt on my skin! its sooo soft, and it puts a nice amount of powder on ur face, not to heavy and not too light.. u will not regret purchasing the brush!
i still love this brush! i dont use it for face powder, but i do use it for my blush. it adds the perfect amount to my cheeks while looking natural.

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Prescriptives Soft Shadow Brush

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: I love this brush. A big fluffy brush for eyeshadow that isnt too fluffy so it still deposits a nice amount of color. Retails for 24 and has a grey handle. Excellent quality and one of my favorite brushes.

Review by ooliedonna: This is one of my first makeup brushes! I bought this brush back in 1996 and I'm still using it almost every day. No signs of wear/tear with the bristles, though the paint has chipped off the end. This is a dense, well-cut fluffy brush that I use to do all-over washes of color. It picks up lots of pigment and can tolerate swirling and buffing without fraying. Lovely!

Review by Ellz: The brush is aptly named. It applies eyeshadow softly, evenly and effortlessly. Its large enough that eye shadow can be applied from lid to brow quickly. A really good brush.

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Unlisted Brand High Definition Angled Blush Brush

Review by Susie31: This is an excellent angle brush. I own Sigma SS168, a much more expensive one. I have to say that I only use this one and put away the Sigma. I just went to Walmart and brought another one of this. Great brush with unbelievable price!
1. Super soft
2. very dense by a lot of bristles which enable us to pick great amount of product
3. Unbeatable price 5.98 sold at Walmart

Review by CherryBlossom03: very nice brush. Soft and dense. I bought mine for 3.00 because it was on clearance

Review by Elixir: OMG I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this brush. Just rushed back to WalMart to buy 2 back ups and the other brushes in this collection! I have had UBER expensive brushes in the past but these are FABULOUS! I honestly can't believe it. It's as good as the Smashbox brush and the expensive IT Cosmetic brush that comes with their HDef Powder that is 48.00 on it's on. I am NO longer a make up snob and my bank account is LOVING it. Picked up Cover Girl blush and 2 eyeshadows and I must say I look FAB in them! Save yourselves some money and buy this brush and others in the collection!

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