what is a good makeup brushes?3 best makeup brushes

By Elena

what is a good makeup brushes?Let's see the 3 best makeup brushes !


MAC 181 small buffer brush

Review by JT14: I got the 181SE in the holiday mineralize kit. I'm pleasantly surprised that they would put such a high quality little brush in a kit. It's very dense and sooo soft, and the small size is perfect for my small features.

Review by Jessimau: This brush is great! I use it to buff in all my foundations. I mix all my foundations with whatever moisturizer I like at the moment along NARS primer. I just put a dab of all 3 on the back of my hand and swirl it together using the 181 and buff into into my face. I get a flawless finish every time. I also use it to buff in NARS powder foundation or Chanel's. If I am not in the mood for liquid. It does shed, but I was told by a MA that it will stop over time with more washing. But it is so dense and really works product into your skin, some kabuki brushes are too soft and don't buff it in, or too harsh and hurt my skin! I've washed it a few times and it has popped right back into shape! I save the plastic tube it came in to store the brush so the packaging sucks.

Review by didion0312: This brush was soft in texture but had this toxic odor that would not wash out. At first I thought I had gotten a defective brush but I when back to the department store and found that they were all the same.

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Bobbi Brown Face Brush

Review by Olive143: If I could give this brush 10 lipsticks, I would. This brush is incredible versatile - I have used it for powder foundation, loose and pressed powder, shimmerbricks, bronzer, and blush application. I actually had to go 3 different Bobbi Brown counters to find one because they were all sold out! I adore the classy little leather purse it comes in, as well. At 30, I consider this brush a steal. It's so much better than the Chanel Kabuki brush!

Review by miss_mac: I bought this brush a month ago. The brush is very soft but firm enough to apply mineral make-up beautifully. I just bought another of the Bobbi Brown Face Brush because I use two foundation colors. This brush is perfect!

Review by misswillow: I just got it today. (I bought 2)
It was so hard to hunt down!! :P
My brush shed 3 hairs today (I played with it)
I think Bobbi Brown has an issue with her brushes, they shed alot.
Do something Bobbi. :x
I will not repurchase again!!!

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Bare Escentuals Buxom Lashliner Brush

Review by GreeneyedGal: Hands down the best eyeliner brush I have ever used. Wonky eyeliner is a thing of the past. Buy it!

Review by almighty_curv: BEST eyeliner brush you can ever purchase.. Super thin and extremely easy to work with. The best brush you can ever use to achieve the perfect cat eye look. Extremely durable and hair does not shed or fray.. would purchase time and time again..

Review by redheadjane: I really adore this eyeliner brush! Sure, it's a bit on the skinny side, but it's perfect for someone who isn't so great with eyeliner. As much as I love eyeliner, I rarely wear it because I'm TERRIBLE at applying it. It's easy as pie to put liner on with this brush. I can achieve any liner look when I use this brush, and I love it for that! It's also very easy to clean.

I've used this brush with quite a few brands of eyeliner. I've used them with the Buxom Lashliners, Wet 'N Wild, L'Oreal HIP, Stila Smudge Pots, and Urban Decay's Ink for Eyes. The brush works well with ALL of these, in my opinion.

Another thing I like about this product is the look of it. The brush is really cute, and the pouch it comes in is adorable too!

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