what is a good loose powder?3 best loose powder

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what is a good loose powder?Let's see the 3 best loose powder !


Smashbox Photo Set Finishing Powder SPF 15

Review by funkybabe: This powder ended my search for mattifier, great product! Sets my makeup very good without layering on a chalky color over my done face, which happens with some oil-control powders I used in the past. It's a pretty pricey item but I don't mind spending for an excellent and a-must item. I think it will last me for long time to finish the whole thing. I'm on my way of becoming a certified fan of Smashbox products now. They have products that makes me doesn't wanna go back to cheaply made drugstore finds. But don't get me wrong, I love cheaper dupes! I still super love my fave drugstore brands. But sometimes it's a waste of money buying several cheap makeup that doesn't work, and I'm sure I'm not alone on that experience. Overall, this is a big MUST-HAVE for me and will repurchase.

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: oh my goodness, this is hg for me! it is the most amazing thing i have possibly ever seen. it makes you look airbrushed, makes your makeup last or like ever and makes your skin super smooth. it doesnt go chalky or anything, although i have very fair skin anyway so it wouldnt really matter. my skin can sometimes get dry so i was kind of scared this would make it dryer, boy was i wrong! it doesnt dry out my skin, more like hydrates it. i used this on a friend who has oily skin and it absorbed the oil, thats like magical!! lovee packaging also, i highly highly recomend this!

Review by ciarar: I got a sample of this at Sephora. It's in the same category of MUFE's HD, Too Faced's Poreless and Primer, and Laura Mercier's Invisible Loose Setting powder. I tried it on UD's infamous (for me) tinted moisturizer (instant oil slick). It did a good job of keeping it matt for some time. I don't use UD's TM, I just have a sample of it. But because it makes me shine so fast, I decided it was a good challenge for this powder. It worked fine. My sample of this is rather small so I have only a tiny bit to try on something else. :( However, at my local Sephora, this sells for 28, as opposed to LM's 34, Smashbox's 32, and MUFE's 30. I'll keep you posted.

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MAC MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: A replacement for blot powder! I wanted a powder that would not "add" color once I had foundation on. I have the world's biggest pores and a really oily T-zone combined with dry cheeks and had a problem with blot powder making the flakiness stand out, even though it kept me matte. I bought MUFE HD powder on a whim, but ended up returning it and buying Prep + Prime because it was cheaper. I didn't take the whole sticker off the top and just left a few holes open - I hate sifter tops and am prone spilling them. I just dip a regular powder brush to get a little bit on, then swirl it in the lid to distribute it evenly over the brush before putting it on. It keeps me matte all day and makeup goes on smoothly over it.

Review by staci01: This is definately amazing stuff. I am very oily typically, but this stuff prevents oilies for over 12hours. I am very impressed!
Very nice, affordable, and works amazingly. Does not mess up makeup, just makes it better.
This I will repurchase- it's a permanent item in my collection now.

Review by bekkbekk1985: This product is so amazing to mattify the skin but still make your foundation look dewy! I love this product for days I cant really touch up my makeup or when I'm on the go. The only thing I would have to complain is about the sifter in this packaging it releases to much product for a light tap.

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Mary Kay You're a Star Shimmery Powder in a Puff

Review by bebejacket: "You're a Star" is a fun treat that puts a smile on my face.

Review by navarre: This is a limited edition product that Mary Kay had a couple of years ago that I missed out on and am so glad it's back for a limited time this year. It's kind of indulgent and it's only purpose is to make you feel sexy but it is so nice! It's a little pricey, so I marked down for that but I love it anyway and dished out the 20 for it. The packaging and the puff itself is so pretty, the smell is heavenly, the powder just has finely milled glitter - no big chunks and looks so soft and sexy on shoulders, neck and arms.

Review by Jessimau: Received this as a gift, and it really makes me feel pampered when I put it on. It's a pretty pink poof full of shimmering, scented powder. The sparkles are tiny and sexy, making skin glimmer rather than look glittery or too girly. The scent is absolutely gorgeous, but doesn't seem to stay strong for very long on me. I love it though, and would definitely repurchase when it runs out. I recommend this product for pampering purposes, also makes a wonderful gift! :)

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