what is a good liquid foundation?3 effective liquid foundation

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By Elena

what is a good liquid foundation?Let's see the 3 effective liquid foundation !


Quo Liquid Powder

Review by glossgal_01: This is by far one of the best foundations I have ever used on my face, other than MAC Studio Fix for photos. It has AWESOME coverage, especially for someone that has pinky cheeks but blah skin. It evens everything out, and isn't too oily or dry. A little on the expensive side, but it's well worth it. Safe to use everyday on normal with oily tendency-type skin. Would definitel repurchase... if I had the money right now!!

Review by hersheyb: I love this product too!! Really great coverage and as soon as the liquid hits your face, it turns into a soft powder. Really great foundation.

Review by tippygirl: Picked this up on a trip to Montreal. This is a smooth, powdery, natural foundation that applies like a dream and stays put. It looks like your actual skin. It also happens to be a dead ringer for Ramy Beauty Therapy's, Profaces', and Jerome Alexander's liquid-powder for a fraction of the price. If you live in Canada, buy this NOW. If you are south of the border, get your Canadian friends to buy it for you. It's that good!

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Avon Perfect Wear Extralasting Liquid Foundation SPF 15

Review by pretty_please: I bought this recently on clearance from Avon. They still have Extralasting liquid foundation, but have changed the packaging, and changed the name a bit. I'm not positive it is exactly the same formula, but it looks like it is.
Ok, now on to my review. This is a very long wearing foundation, as it promises to be. It looks very natural on me. I have fair/light skin and look for a neutral to slightly yellow foundation, and nude works perfectly. I get really hot at work and my forehead perspires, and it stays perfectly. Today I had a serious crying meltdown, and no streaks or anything. It just always looks like it did when I put it on. The only thing that bothers me about it is that it dries quickly. I just had to alter my normal way of applying, working on smaller areas at a time.
I will try the newly packaged product when this is gone. I am hoping it is the same.

Review by vengland: My mum bought this, so I thought I'd try a little bit....it didn't help that her skin tone is totally different to mine, but I always find Avon foundations incredibly difficult to match to any skin tone, which a yellowy undertone which made my skin look a little odd?!
I thought the coverage is quite heavy-definately too heavy for me for daytime make up. I don't find that it blends too well, but it doesn't sit in pores. It is quite dry-not a foundation to help you achieve a 'dewy' look! Apparently it has an added primer which will help it stay on your skin, but it just made my skin look quite dry and 'drawn'. Sorry Avon-love you normally!

Review by Carrie: I like this foundation: it has an SPF of 15, has a medium coverage, doesn't make me break out ( I have sensitive skin--rosacea). It may not last satisfactorily all day, but at least from 9-5 with a translucent powder to set it, it lasts for me. This foundation in ivory matches my skin tone perfectly, and that is what really makes it great for me, but may not make it work for you if you can't find a match.

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Reflect.com Customized Liquid Foundation

Review by Susie31: As everyone else has said, the cust.service is wonderful. My first selection was a tad too light and they recustomized for free, no questions asked. My new color, N3 is great. The color, tone and coverage is just right for my 40 year old face. I am going to try some of their other products now.

Review by kimby83: I liked the fact that it was a pump bottle.The color matched me perfectly,and they sent me great sponges with it as a free gift.This will undoubtedly be a repurchase for me. Rave,Rave!I am torn as to whether this or my Kinetin foundation is my holy grail.

Review by biomechmonster: I loved this foundation. I have combination skin (oily t-zone). It is the only foundation that would stay all day (specially on my nose). The coverage is amazing..doesnt cling to hairs or settle in pores. Even when I had bad breakouts I would get compliments on how soft my skin looked. It is in a pump bottle..good for keeping the germs out. The worst part is when I first ordered this foundation if you created a full coverage foundation you would get the full foundation and a full compact powder for 28.50..now I think it is up to 45...and you do not get the powder with the full coverage :(
Still my HG.

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