what is a good lipstick?3 top lipsticks compare

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By Sara

what is a good lipstick?Let's see the 3 top lipsticks compare!


Lipstick Queen in Saint Red

Review by lmharte: I was extremely disappointed by this product. Space NK here in England know how to sell their cult brands, and I was hoodwinked by the promise of a very special sheer red. Well, I found it to be nothing special and considering how much it costs I expected SPECIAL!!! I am a connaisseur of red lipsticks, both sheer and more richly pigmented, and for a sheer red I found the colour of this to be unacceptably dull and lacking in oomph. The texture is decent, it's lasting power was average for a red and the packaging is nice (agree with other reviewers though about the kind of cheesy plastic) - but if you are looking for a good sheer red, save yourself some money and instead buy L'Oreal Colour Riche Star Secrets Lipcolour - Penelope's Red (Penelope Cruz signature colour). It is a much better sheer red lipstick at less than half the price.

Review by lipstickcrazy: I agree with the below poster. Both the concept and execution of this line make it extremely tempting and fun. Saint Red is a sheer red without a lot of pigment, and also without a lot of moisture. This makes it nice because even though it is sheer it lasts a long time. NOT a glossy sheer. I personally love the art deco/art nouveau packaging, it may be a little drugstore-ish in the sense that it comes in plastic, but the cardboard backing is just beautiful. I saved mine. The god tube is lovely and luxurious. I have pics of this im my profile.

Review by funkybabe: For my first red, I was looking for a low-maint, idiot-proof product. Lipstick Queen definitely delivered! The texture is emollient and forgiving of poor lipcare habits, the pigmentation perfect - luminous and noticeably stained, not too intimidating for a red virgin. Only nitpick is the tone of color, which goes a bit fucshia on me instead of pulling true red, which makes for awkward coloring around the edges of my lips.

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MAC Hollywood Nights - Heatherette

Review by wunverdoll: Hollywood Nights is the very best thing in the entire Heatherette collection, an incredibly face brightening fuchsia, flattering even to warmer toned people. I am super fair (nc15 or paler, in winter) and this color makes me look alive, isn't too too over the top with neutral eye makeup and generally just makes me happy.
Hollywood Nights stays on amazingly well, even after a meal, and a little Pleasing slimshine or lipgloss over it takes care of the Satin formula dryness.

Review by meeshmu: I love this lipstick. It is the perfect fuchsia and it can be worn sheerly for a more subtle pop of color or more heavily applied for a more dramatic lip. It doesn't bleed on me, but does leave a stain after it wears off. It's a Satin, so no frost, but a bit more drying than a Glaze or Amplified Cream, so a balm underneath is recommended. I would purchase this again, if only MAC would make it permanent. Honestly, I would love most of the Heatherette lipsticks to be added to the permanent line. They're so pretty. And the packaging is fun and unlike Fafi, extremely well made.

Review by catlover9_9: Hollywood Nights is by far one of the best heatherette lipsticks....
It has a mid-red undertone to it, and a hot fuschia tone, making it a great summer lipstick....
I would recommend to wear a lot of chapstick before wearing this lipstick.. because of the dryness it carry's..
Other then that....this lipstick is absolute wonders.....

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Shiseido The Makeup Shimmering Lipstick SL 8

Review by bobsy: I love the staying power and moisturizing properties of this lipstick. This particular color would go well with any complection IMO. I saw it on dark skin brunet, a redhead and I am a fair blond myself. There is just something flattering about this medium-dark neutral berry shimmery color. I would definitely recommend at list to try it on in the department store. Update: it actually made my lips dry due to irritation from large shimmer particles I think.

Review by pinktulip: The Porcelain Chic collection features a lovely Dita Von Teese kind of model with whitish porcelain skin and blown out rosey cheeks and lips. This is the plummy berry shade from this Fall 2006 collection. Its gorgeous and has a coating of shimmer on the outside thats sort of a plum blue coating and when you use it it goes on berry. Has nice staying power too.

Review by zhenya: This color looks scary in the tube with it's outer silver-blue-purplish tinted coating, but I swear, it looks completely GORGEOUS on! Just looking at the lipstick color in the tube, I don't think I would have ever tried it on, but for my sister's prodding and telling me I had to try it (she bought a tube for me after she had bought one for herself). I love my sister for coaxing me to try this color because IMO, it's one of the most interesting and unique colors I've ever come across. On the lips, it transforms to the most beautiful plum-berry with a very *slight* micro-silver tinge giving it a nice sheen on the lips. It really goes well with my NC30-35 complexion (brown eyes/hair). I sometimes have problems with the lasting power of Shiseido lipsticks, but the pigment really stays put on my lips. I would give this a 6 rating it I could. *LOVE* it!

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