what is a good lipstick?3 popular lipsticks review

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what is a good lipstick?Let's see the 3 popular lipsticks review!


Rimmel Fudge Brownie

Review by lbarnold: I hate to be the lone dissenter, but it didn't work for me,although it is a lovely color.Anything with pink or rose in it does not work for my coloring at all.I can see it being beautiful on other people though. FYI-if you have a Dollar Tree,this shade is available with a gloss for 1.00 !!!!!!!!! This is how I got mine,and so I didn't waste any , really.

Review by Pinki: It's like the below reviewers are not talking about the same lipstick I have. I put it on and was shocked at how much moisture I felt! Like putting lotion on my lips. The must be using a really old formula or something. Anyhow, the name of this color Fudge Brownie is really decieving and because of it I almost swapped it cause dark rich browns do not look good on fair skin, but I tested it and it's not a dark rich brown. Should be called fudge brownie then! Anyhow, it's a warm neutral light brown w/ hints of copper and medium pink and it's lovely on my fair skin! Applies very smooth and the color is similar to Trucco's gloss in Gypst Rose actually just a tad more brown. I applied a little bit of Sonia Kashuk gloss over it in the color Fairy which is a pearly gorgeous peachy beige and it looks so good together! Will definitely buy Rimmel if I can find it.

Review by AokiJ: Rimmels Fudge Brownie was one of the first lipstick shades I can remember buying as a teen (20 years ago, ahem!) It was 'the' lipstick to wear at the time and I was pleasantly surprised when I bought it recently (mainly from nostalgia) that it still looks great! I have a problem wearing nude or browny shades, they tend to make me look washed out. Fudge Browny is a light bronzy with a hint of pink shade.

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NARS Lipstick- Damage

Review by almighty_curv: I swapped for this, but I would've bought this! Damage is a sheer grape-berryish shade. I like this with a cool toned blush. As with all the NARS lipsticks this is packaged very well. The case is very chic and sleek. There is no unpleasant smell or taste to NARS lipsticks which is very nice.

Review by iberian: I love this. I have fair, yellow-undertoned skin and I recently went from golden-brown highlights to a darker reddish brown hair color. I needed something more intense on my lips and this was gorgeous on me. I worry about my teeth looking yellow and this isn't a problem with this shade, very cool I guess. I'm not sure why I look good in cool colored lipstick when I have warm coloring, but that just seems to be true in genereal. I didn't like Dolce Vita on me at all, so I tried on this one and it's gorgeous.

Review by blueaygi: Beautiful sheer mauvey-grape shade. Wonderful texture and nice staying power. Looks great with MAC Plum liner and/or with Px Mulberry Tint balm over it (as well as by itself).

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Rimmel Rimmel Lipstick

Review by dlbd2k06: This is the best lipstick out there. I can't believe how creamy this lipstick goes on ... and it's only 8CAD! It's like a lipbalm, but with way more pigment. The colours are really beautiful as well.
I've spent way more money on more expensive brands and it chapped my lips or feathered off.

Review by stellaluna2: I just bought the lipstick in "Love" It's great! Kinda of a light coppery red/light brown. Very nice looking.

Review by CancerianPrincess: Bought this in Coffee Shimmer and I really love it. Goes on smooth and the color is perfect for me. I'm pale skinned with dirty strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm drawn toward lighter brown everything which is why I chose the Coffee Shimmer. It looks great with my complexion and makes my lips look full. Can't beat the price and can usually find a sale at your local drugstore on Rimmel products. My ONLY complaint is I have to reapply alot - every two hours or so even if I'm not eating or drinking. It doesn't seem to last. I'm a drugstore makeup shopper but I recently bought a Clinique lipstick and it does seem to last longer. That being said, I will definitely repurchase Rimmel lipsticks!

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