what is a good lipstick?3 easy to use lipstick

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By Vicky

what is a good lipstick?Let's see the 3 easy to use lipstick !


Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Pink Chic

Review by belladoggie00: I like the moisture renew lipsticks but this shade is awful! I have fair skin with a pink undertone and it doesn't look pretty! It's very frosty and blue toned..few are the people that can look great with that color. When I use foundation I use one with a yellow undertone which neutralizes my skin tone but still that lipstick looks bad! My sister is a little tanned and she looked like a jersey shore girl...so dissapointed..

Review by Chloeclover: I bought this for Halloween. It's a Barbie-pink in my opinion, that light, girly pink that looks really cute on fair skinned gals but on my oddly colored skintone (I have a hard time finding foundation matches in drugstores, the closest foundation match that I've found is Olive Medium from Everyday Minerals), not so much. I think it makes me look like a whore. Luckily, it'll work with my Halloween make-up, but not so much for every day wear.

Review by clnfox: This is my second Moisture Renew lipstick. I really like this formula because it doesn't dry my lips out like a lot of other lipsticks, it comes in a good amount of shades, and it's cheap. This is a semi-glossy bubblegum pink that's very wearable ahd cute for summer. I'll definitely be buying more of these!

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Christian Dior Diorific Long-Wearing True Color Lipstick

Review by AutumnBliss: Wow! What a lipstick, pure indulgence for those who want true true COLOUR on their lips. The packaging is divine, the lipstick smells beautifully of classic old French lipstick...my only complain is that isn't very moisturising so not recommended for long wear, as it tends to get a bit tacky. But there are plenty of other lipsticks that cater to that need, and this lipsticks purpose is colour and opulent packaging, both of which is does perfectly. Highly recommended, if not for daily use, but for indulgence.

Review by coolRED: Love at first swipe, we shall never be parted !! I picked this up on a whim at my local shoppers drugmart. The tube that this lipstick comes in is so chic, looks like a gold dumbell with navy stripes in the middle of it, very cute. The texture is pure heaven, this is how all lipsticks should feel. It gives a smooth matte finish that is not at all drying, it actually feels very moisturizing. It lasts forever on the lips and never bleeds or fades. I picked the color 023 Rose Diablo, a very pigmented mid rose. It suits my peaches and cream complexion perfectly. I wish Dior would re-release this line, especially since lipstick is making a huge comeback. I would love to round up a few more colors if I can find them. I highly recommend this lipstick and plan on searching for more colors !!

Review by Newme: I love this lipstick so much. It is the best l/s that I own. I have #13, it is the best true red I have seen and I own alot of red lippies. The texture is so beautiful, so smooth and very, very long lasting without being dry. To make it even longer lasting, fill the lips in with dior's lipliner (in Garnet). The scent is so beautiful and the packaging is so luxurious. This is what I define as a perfect red lipstick. Quality and the packaging is all perfect. I would give it 100 points if I could. Worth every penny.

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MAC Hello Kitty Fashion Mews

Review by Cygentte3: i really love this color. it's one that you look at, and are scared to put it on, but once you do, you'll fall in love. you can put it on really light and sheer or layer it to look darker. it looks really good with fast friends l/g on top!!

Review by kimmie578: One of my favorite lipsticks. The color is a pale lavender that looks intimidating but really works once you try it out. I also love the lavender whip which is a tad darker than this. I also love the smell of this. I wish it was not LE so I would not have so much trouble finding backups. I have heard the barry M #129 is a dupe so I will try that .

Review by mulhollanddrive: This is definately not one of my favourite lipstick. But after using it with Ever So Rich cremesheen glass, it is becoming one of my favourites now.

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