what is a good lipstick?3 best-selling lipstick review

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By Sara

what is a good lipstick?Let's see the 3 best-selling lipstick review!


Smashbox Pout - Photo Finish

Review by coolRED: Wow I absolutely love this! It is a light nude pink lipstick that is moisturizing and gives the shine of a lipgloss, while retaining the pigment of a lipstick. This looks great on tanned skin with a dark smokey eye. I don't even need to apply lipbalm before this and this shade makes my lips look plump.
One of the reviewers below stated that it is too sheer. You do have to apply a few more coats but the pink color does definitely show. Also, this is not discontinued and is part of their permanent line. There is a similar shade of this in MAC called Creme Cup which is a matte lipstick, but I prefer this because it is more moisturizing and makes my lips appear plump.
If you are looking for staying power, however, I would not recommend this. This needs to be re-applied often.

Review by LuiLui: I bought this lipstick because I really loved the color of the lipgloss, but the staying power was non existant (WINK WINK Dean and Davis!!!) I figured it would be just like the gloss, but it would stay better...I know that is says 'sheer' on the site, but how the heck is it more sheer than the gloss? To get it to show on my med. pigmented lips I have to (no joke) apply this for like a minute straight. Yes it is moisturizing, but it's like a vaseline-type of moisturizing meaning it evaporates after about..oh...10 minutes? Overall the color is beautiful! But for how fast I am going to go through this lipstick...22? Not worth it..I'll be sticking with MAC l/s..one more thing..the lipstick tube was pretty, but it was coming apart when recieved..

Review by Angeline: Love this lipstick. This formulation is super creamy and applies so easy. Pout is a lavender based pale pink that applies with just enough sheerness to make it look natural. I love wearing this with MAC Pink Fish, and Fast Friends. I also love the sleek metal case, very trendy.

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Giorgio Armani Lipstick Mania #5

Review by belladoggie00: Very interesting and complex color....a sheerish cool rosey brownish plum (much prettier than it sounds). Its feels very nice on the lips and its fairly lasting. I might repurchase depending on how much use I get out of it. But I definatly plan to check out other colors.

Review by Chloeclover: This was described as a sparkling light brown - I thought it would be lighter and more beige. But it looks like a lipstick form of the Sheer Bronzer #1, maybe slightly more plummier. It goes on a lot prettier than it looks in the tube, and not as dark. Goes on a sheer bronze color. Still a little darker than what I'm used to, but I think it would work well with a bit of lipgloss over it to lighten.

Review by Carrie: I saw the ad for this color in InStyle and had to have it. It is a really nice natural shade. I also love the packaging and will be trying more of these lipsticks in the future!!

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Becca Vendela

Review by mriaow: Great colour and good product. The colour is natural and the product is moisturising. I would buy it again in this same colour

Review by Ellz: Becca's 'Dolce Vita', but warmer, brighter and creamier. Wears comfortably.

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