what is a good lipstick?3 best lipstick compare

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By Marcella

what is a good lipstick?Let's see the 3 best lipstick compare!


Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur in #19 (Fuchsia)

Review by oopsygirl: it made me burst of laugh when i wore it.this is very shocking fuschia and looks funny on my lips.but the ingredients feel so luxury and it smells very very soft fragrant(almost no fragrance), i don't know whether it has a fragrance scent or not.i love the packaging,comes with gold place and very lightweight,sleek and fancy,except the gold sticker on the bottom,looks dirt cheap.but the color is very freaky.i tried this one because my mum bought it.the price is average as branded stuff but i prefer DIORRRR as a premium brand make up...!!!!

Review by Elixir: A lovely, perfect shade of fuschia. Makes my teeth seem whiter too! Lovely creamy texture that lasts well without drying. Smart packaging, nice smell (not overpowering) and a reasonable price for what you get.
As the reviewer below has commented this shade looks amazing with just a good base, a touch of blusher and black mascara. I think this is a fresh and pretty look that has just enough funkiness. And not at all eighties...

Review by cloud0204: while i can't give a low rating in any of the available categories, i may go as far as saying that where my own stash is concerned, i hate and avoid this color.
i have full pouty (pillowy?) lips, and i canNOT get this to apply precisely. i am no klutz. i have tried all sorts of lipliners and using this lipstick on different angles. still, i always look like a clown. something about the shape of the lipstick combined with the great pigmentation and texture, and i look like a kid that got into mom's makeup... every time.
i have highly pigmented mac lipsticks and recommend them. but as far as ysl goes, i prefer to stick with the nudes. for the brights, the rouge voluptes work better for me, though still not my fav's.

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Laura Mercier pixie

Review by AimeeO: This color looked terrible on me. I have light olive complexion and this made me look slightly ill. It showed up almost coral with a purplish blue glow on me and did not look even close to natural. It is more blue based rather than her typical brown based colors. I ended up returning it. On the upside, the formula is wonderful--too bad it looked awful on me. I

Review by Olive143: Maybe because this was a Mini Lip Colour in a GWP, but it sure looks orange on me. OK a more flattering color than orange, deeper and I can see where there is some pink/rose, but it's in the orange family and is a little off for me. I think this would look great on someone with a tan and yellow-based skin because it looks great on my hand and terrible on my face.

Review by jamelia: What a beautiful color this is! A true YLBB shade of peachy medium pink. It lasts quite a while and is very moisturizing as well. My spring favorite. I took off one lippie because of the smell/taste of LM lipsticks.

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NARS Canaille

Review by mielr: I just purchased this on a whim today, it's a new color. NARS classifies this as sheer but it's pretty pigmented IMO. The color description is "shimmering mahogany," but that's a little off base--mahogany to me implies a red-brown, while this is a pearly rose-brown with a lot of plum in it. It's a gorgeous fall shade, it reminds me of Aveda's Peony but not as brown and gold and much prettier.
Edit: I've now worn this several times and I knocked a lippie off the overall rating because while it is not significantly drying (well, anymore than any other lipstick, I have picky lips), the staying power is not the best. I still like it though, and will keep wearing it. I'd probably repurchase if I ran out.

Review by roxiblue: I found this color as I was looking for something subtle to go with my dark complexion. I find it to be very sheer and not too much shimmer. It's a pearly brown that is suitable for me to wear everyday. I apply over lip balm and I don't find it drying at all. The staying power isn't that great and I have to reapply fairly often. I was surprised at the lightness and cheap feel of the packaging. Overall, I still love it and will repurchase.

Review by coolRED: Thanks to MUA, I have discovered the NARS brand. This lipstick is another good find for me. Finally I have another great versatile lipstick that I can dress up or down depending how much time I have in the morning. Normally for me this was in the past Laura Mercier Amaretto lipstick.
Canaille is a very shimmering mahogany shade and classified under NARS sheer lipsticks. Actually I would not classify this lipstick as sheer. While it is light, it is not sheer. I combine this lipstick with the All Night Long lip gloss from NARS and this is really beautiful.
I will keep buying this as long as they keep making it.

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