what is a good lip treatment?3 easy to use lip treatments

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By Helen

what is a good lip treatment?Let's see the 3 easy to use lip treatments !


Victoria's Secret PINK Lip Butter

Review by marsqurine: I really hate to give a negative review when everyone else's is so positive, but I just did not like this stuff. I'm wondering if I have a defective product... Anyway, I did not dig this lip stuff. The color, Bare, is a pretty, flesh-toned nude, but it doesn?t really show up on your lips. Although if my lip?s surface was a little rough, the color showed on all the cracks and rough spots. Even though this is made with shea butter, it just didn?t feel good at all. It just felt like a waxy substance on my lips, and it wasn?t very moisturizing.

Review by bastet: I tried the trial size that was in my room (my parents must have gotten a coupon for a free one or something), and after only a couple of times, I totally fell in love with it. The trial size was "Fresh", and i really liked how it looked on me, more than lipsticks (which I hate anyways).
I decided to buy more (normal sizes), so I went to VSS, and because they are currently having a sale, I managed to find one is Pure, Ripe, and Fresh all for 2 each. For that size, I thought it was a pretty decent deal (compared with 4.99 on the website or its original price of 8). I already know how Fresh looks on me, so I tried Pure, and it smells and feels really great.
I am totally in love with this stuff, so hope VSS continues with the line.

Review by Pinki: After owning and using this lip butter for many months now (it lives in my purse), I would totally buy another tube after this one runs out (which it's nowhere close to doing btw). I love the thickness of the tube, the complete non-greasiness of the formula, and how it keeps my lips soft and lightly tinted. The shade I bought this in is "Fresh," a soft pink, though next time I might try another color.
All in all, this is one of the better lip balms I've used up to date. The main downside is that it's put out by Victoria's Secret, a company that creates much of its lingerie in the apartheid state of Israel/Palestine.

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By Terry Baume de Rose

Review by betsyab: Hmm not sure about this one! After re3ading reviews on here I realise when I bought the tube (lipgloss style) version its actually isn't the same as the product in the glass pot and maybe why I was disappointed. To me this was just an expensive lipgloss. Ive used half of it and got board and now its headed to the makeup draw of maybe ill use it again! I think I would have been wiser to (have joined this site earleir!!) have bought the pot version. Am using la mer at the moment and love it so am sticking with that for now. Overall this product was ok not worth the price tag tho. If i was going to try this again ill go for the pot version more of a balm than a gloss!

Review by Sybil84: It's lovely. It smells beautiful and makes your lips super-soft.
However, lots of things smell beautiful and Blistex Relief Cream also makes your lips super-soft.
I think this is a true luxury. It's a lovely treat for yourself if you have a spare £30, and a beautiful thing to have in your handbag.
Is it worth the money? Of course not. There's no lip balm on the planet worth more than 20, really. But lots of lovely things aren't really worth the money - I'd file this in the same category as Diptyque candles, Laduree macaroons, Smythson notebooks...

Review by misswillow: Wouldn't you know it? The best lip balm around has to be the most expensive. This doesn't look or feel hugely different from any other product out there - in fact it's like a tiny tub of slightly pink, slightly hard vaseline with a gentle rose scent. But I can feel it moisturising the second I apply it, and leaving it on overnight has a near-miraculous smoothing and plumping effect. If it makes you feel any better, at 10g it's twice the size of the average 4-5g lip balm stick, so to compare like for like, you can cut its £29 price tag in half. Although applying with fingers can be a little wasteful, fingers are easier to clean thoroughly than brushes, so at least its more hygienic. It may be pricy, but it's so effective at least I don't feel that I'm wasting my money on this.

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Cargo Lipstick Primer / Base

Review by joheinous: Good basic lip base. is especially helpful before I apply matte lipsticks or lipliners. Also works as a lipbalm. wish the packaging was better. Edited: after trying Mac lip conditioner, I've realized that this only makes the dryness worse. oh well.

Review by Bonnie2842: A week or so ago, I had thought about writing a less favorable review of this product, saying that it feels good, but I can't tell what it's doing. However, I started noticing that in the mornings, my lipstick, gloss, liner are all still intact after a couple of cups of coffee, meetings and phone conversations, even light eating. By noon, my lips still have great shape and color. Then, after lunch, even though I "touch up" lip color and gloss in the afternoon, it doesn't last. I glance in the rear view on the drive home, and my lips have no color. I realized today the difference is I've been using Cargo's new lipstick primer in the mornings before I go to work, but apply lipstick/gloss alone in the afternoon. The evidence is compelling, and the verdict is in: Cargo lip primer feels good and it WORKS. It's also very moisturizing. You can't go wrong with this . . .

Review by cosmokid: This was an average product in my mind, I have extra dry lips so this does nothing to help that , and for setting my lipstick, it wasn't spectacular, it does feel good especially the gloss because it isn't sticky, but this isn''t something that i would want to use often, actually it was lost when someone stole my bag.. and i don't miss it.

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