what is a good lip treatment?3 best lip treatment

By Monica

what is a good lip treatment?Let's see the 3 best lip treatment !


Avon Beyond Colour Plumping Lip Conditioner with Retinol SPF 15

Review by cosmokid: I purchased this based on reviews. I am SO DISAPPOINTED! It simply DID NOTHING! I am going back to lipfusion and I do not care how much it cost. AT LEAST IT WORKS.

Review by fitnessa: I will definitely purchase this product again. It makes my lips feel so soft and smooth without being goopy. It has a teeny tiny hint of pale pale pink shimmer, almost a whitish pink actually. I like to wear it alone but I also love the way it makes my lipstick and lipglosses look when I wear them over top. I really don't think it has much of a "plumping" effect though, but it does seem to improve the natural tone of my lips over time. EDIT: This is also an amazing product to heal dry, cracked lips/corners of the mouth. Much, much better than chapstick.

Review by kat_25: I wear this when I go to bed at night and it is still on in the morning. Not like a gloss, but it softens, so I wake up in the morning with soft lips--when I remember to use it! Don't know if it plumps or not, but it is a really good conditioner.

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GoSmile Smileceuticals Balm

Review by laurilauri: I got this as part of a GoSmile travel kit. I love this balm! It goes on so smooth, just the right texture and I love the sweet taste. I use it under my lip gloss and at night and my lips are so soft. I find that it last on my lips quite a while; not a thin balm. Of course having it in a pot isn't the most hygienic but I'm sure no one is sharing this either. Would definitely buy again.

Review by Graceteix: I love this lip balm. It is horribly expensive (18 USD for .21 oz) but is the best balm I have ever tried. It is not too thick, not too thin, it is really good texture. Leaves lips with a subtle sheen, nicely moisturized and has the most amazing vanilla cake scent that is not too overpowering. My only gripe is that I wish it came in a twist-up tube instead of a little pot, b/c I hate having to stick my fingers in there, but otherwise, good product!

Review by runty: I love love love this balm! I only use it at night since sunlight can render retinol less effective. It exfoliates the dead skin on my lips and makes them so soft. I always feel like making out with myself! LOL. I'm on my second pot already. Love this stuff to death. I got it in conjunction with the breath elixir so it cut down on the price a bit. It is very expensive for a balm.

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Unlisted Brand Karite Lips Shea Butter Lip Balm

Review by JT14: love this! HG status- it healed my cracked lips when nothing else would.
super moisture
a bit of shine
non waxy
pleasant, but not overwhelming scent
natural products
cheap for quality (7)
size of tube is larger than most balms
sometimes the tube won't turn up/down, but it fixes itself

Review by dontblink15: I can't imagine a more perfect product. A friend turned me on to this product 10 years ago, and I've never used another lip balm since. It. Is. Perfect. Feels good going on, isn't greasy- is creamy, stays on forever, layers with lipsticks and lip gloss, and the subtle vanilla scent is just right. It is the perfect product. I have tubes stashed everywhere. I even microwave almost-finished tubes and pour the melted balm into another tube, so I can get use every last bit.
The only con I have is one that another reviewer brought up- sometimes the balm has a rough texture. Again, just microwave it (upright) until it's melted, then let it harden again- problem solved. Still, annoying. But it won't stop me from continuing to purchase it.

Review by bklyncowgirl: I like this balm a lot, but it's not worth the 7.99 I paid for it. I has Tahitian Vanilla and it's quite rich, but I can live without it.

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