what is a good lip liner?3 easy to use lip liner

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By Elena

what is a good lip liner?Let's see the 3 easy to use lip liner !


Bare Escentuals Earth

Review by lipstickcrazy: One of the first lipliners I reach for quite frequently. I use it for simple lining, shading or as a base under l/s or l/g. It can be applied quite dark, but I like to smudge and blend it into my own lipcolour - it really defines and makes my lips look fuller. Me likey!

Review by Springncts: This is a brown lipliner, and is literally the color of earth. It works beautifully on my skin, which is weird because things are either too warm or too cool in tone for it. It can be applied lightly for a great, ylbb look or you can darken it, you can also use it to shade in your lips. This is a great product. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it tends to travel around a bit.

Review by ahappyplace: I admit it I am a tried and true BE addict ... I love it, our grown daughter loves it, and our daughter-in-law loves it ... Now with that said I am very impressed with both the Earth and Nude lip liners they blend so well with so many lipsticks... I find they stay in place throughout the day. I have purchased both of these numerous of times and I am sure that I will continue doing so

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Milani Lip Pencil

Review by nechama22: Milani lipliners are the EXACT duplicate to MAC liners. No kidding! I'm really impressed with the creaminess, selection of colors and the staying power. The best part is that they were only 2.49 each at CVS. A steal!! I purchased Hot chocolate (dark brown), Mahogany (brick red) and Dark Chianti (dark wine eggplant). They're just perfect. I'm going back to CVS to stock up. No more 13 MAC liners for me.

Review by fuxxy: I have this in Simply Natural, which is a neutral brown. The texture is silky and smooth. I have gone through at least 5 of these and love them!

Review by glossgal_01: Great drugstore lipliner available in a pretty wide variety of shades. It is in a wood casing, and it's best to "warm it up" a bit before applying.

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BeneFit Silk Pencil Lip Liner- Posh

Review by catlover9_9: I agree with the reviewer below. I rarely wear lipliner, and this just isn't good enough to make an exception for. The color is very wearable and matches my lips well, but it's much too dry and doesn't last very long.

Review by GreeneyedGal: Posh is a little lighter than MAC Spice, but in the same color category. These pencils are the silkiest going on, yet are very long lasting.
And they don't test on animals. Yay for Benefit!

Review by blacklittlepig: Excellent nude lip liner. A light basic nearly nude, maybe with a touch of tawnyness to it. Less orange than Mac Spice. This is a great liner for a natural look and can be worn alone or with clear gloss for a nice nude lip look.

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