what is a good lip gloss?3 top lip glosss compare

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what is a good lip gloss?Let's see the 3 top lip glosss compare!


Tarte Westley and Buttercup

Review by dastac: As a Princess Bride addict, I HAD to try this. I am in love with this stuff. First of all it tastes like vanilla and it's delicious. It's smooth and not sticky. I like both sides, which suprised me since I am not a huge peach lover. Overall, this gloss is awesome. Totally in love and will DEF be buying this again.

Review by CherryBlossom03: Cute gloss with an even cuter name. Buttercup is a very sheer light shimmery pink, and Westley is a very sheer shimmery peach. I have light lips, and I can just barely detect a tint of color. The texture is smooth, moisturizing, and non-sticky, and I love the sweet vanilla scent and taste. I'll buy these again in a more pigmented color.

Review by askewchick: I love this gloss! My favorite part is how the two ends snap off seperatly and fit in my jeans pocket. The colors are also supercute (just like the name! Go The Princess Bride!!). Definitly a great product.

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Victoria's Secret Mirror Mirror Shiny Lip Gloss-Plum Wine

Review by ZoSo: I love this colour! In the package it looks like a deep maroon, but applied it's a beautiful dark red with a hint of glitter, absolutely gorgeous! However it does not last long so you have to keep reapplying, but its totally worth it!

Review by biomechmonster: i like this glittery lipstick but the color is a bit decieving. the color is a dark maroon yet when applied, it was more of a blushing brown. i love hw shine and sparkle though and what i did, was i applied it to my lower lip and on the top lip i used Pink Slip, the rubbed my lips together to combine the 2 colors. it came out a really pretty blush color. like the color of my natural lips, but a HINT of color more. VERY natural and very pretty.

Review by jamelia: Plum Wine looks like a muddy, messy plum shade on my lips. I really don't like the color and I'll use this as a nightly lip balm to finish it off.

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Chanel Jaipur Glossimer

Review by wunverdoll: once again Chanel has come out with another beautiful glossimer..honestly i find this their most wearbale pink ..i luv it and happy to say i have made it a staple in my makeupbag...looks fabu with chanel desert Liner! enjoy as much as i do!

Review by kitkat85: I bought this one last year, tested it once, put it up for swap, and then broke it out of my stash again yesterday. Originally I thought it was a bit too frosty and didn't completely suit my skintone but now I am in love. Maybe it's since I have a bit of a fake tan going on right now, regardless, I'm happy it looks so flattering on me now. It's a straight barbie pink like others have described, more shimmer and frostier than other glossimers I favor (like sirop) but has a place in my stash now nonetheless. =) It's a light pink with shimmer that is now suiting my LLL-MMM yellow-undertoned complexion. I wore it with a smokey eye yesterday and it looked incredible.
For ref I'm a C3 in MAC sf powder and 1.5 (30)/shell in Chanel T.I.

Review by DawnD: My first glossimer and I'm feeling like a schmuck for buying into the hype.
The packaging is terrible. It ooozes out all over the place and when you're spending this much money on a lipgloss, you don't want to be losing gloss. Not to mention the mess.
I don't like this color much. Its okay, but just sort of blah. I'd like something more sophisticated/age appropriate. Its like putting goey pink cake icing on my lips or something.

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