what is a good lip gloss?3 popular lip gloss comparison

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what is a good lip gloss?Let's see the 3 popular lip gloss comparison!


NARS All Night Long

Review by mielr: Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I have naturally pigmented lips and this is a beautiful, berry gloss. It's like Dolce Vita, but slightly darker, and very neutral, not warm, not cool (well maybe a little) and just gorgeous. It makes my lips look really full and enhances my natural lip color. I have had people comment on how lovely it is and with my dark hair and pale skin, it is awesome. HG - looks good with all makeup (smokey eyes, no makeup) and no smell, good pigment, no white rings. Love it!

Review by sjcsmall: This is my first NARS lipgloss and what a way to start. Great packaging, consistency and color. I bought this together with the lipstick Canaille and they are a perfect combination. This gloss is highly pigmented and can be worn alone or in combination with lipstick. My favorite look with this as stated above is in combination with NARS Canaille lipstick. I am quite sure I will find other good combination.

Review by Lola_Bear: Very beautiful gloss. NARS lip gloss packaging hides the nature of its glosses, the semi-opaque tube makes the color look dull, and in fact they are nothing like that!
All Night Long looks very boring from outside, just a brownish dusty beige, nothing special. I was at the counter trying Senorita lipstick and trying to find a matching gloss and this is it, so beautifully done. The shimmer in this tube is not overly shiny or make my lip looks like a prono star, in fact the beige undertone makes the frosty wearable during daytime. I also love the name so much :)

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Stila Lip Glaze Stick in Grapefruit

Review by francesca39: I really like the color of the grapefruit stick. The color is similiar to Lancome's Raspberry Ice Juicy Tube but has a little more pigment (and of course it's not as glossy). I really like the glittery look it has which I don't find too strong at all. There are a couple of things that I really don't like about this product though. I have to sharpen it often to keep the woody part of the stick from scraping along my lips. If I sharpen it too much, it breaks when I use it. It seems to be more of a hassle than most lip glosses and I'm just not too sure it's worth it.

Review by lbarnold: A universally standard, cherubic pink shade, slightly on the peach side, with shimmering sparkles that aren't overwhelming. Minimal fruity taste. Unremarkable lasting power, unfortunately. For me, this is a versatile, reliable yet, 'unremarkable' weekend shade, that I wear simply for fun, or on my minimal make-up days. May be especially good/handy for Summer road-tripping adventures, although the sharpening regular factor of the packaging could be an inconvenient consideration. Still, I much prefer the stick/pencil packaging versus the ridiculous clicky-pen packaging nightmare of standard Stila lip glazes. A nice bare basic for most anyone's weekend/vacay kit.

Review by cloud0204: I love love this color, the semi-glossy finish, and the cute bits of glitter in the product. Grapefruit is the perfect shade of light cherub pink, it looks great with a cool, warm, or nude look. And because it isn't a gloss you don't have to worry about it rubbing off so easily, and it also makes the lips classier IMO rather than the ubiquitous teenage super glossed lips look. I just got this so haven't had to sharpen yet, can't comment on the product's integrity. For its color, finish, and texture though I can't imagine it affecting my rating!

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Giorgio Armani Lip Shimmer #2

Review by bobsy: This shade is an orange brick-red/ terracotta with gold micro-shimmer (nothing gritty). Armani glosses are absolutely wonderful! Like all Armani lip products it is taste- and scent-free, a big plus in my book! They are non-sticky, all the shades are rather complex, they are not too pigmented, but they look stunning if you layer them or apply them over lipstick or lipliner. That way you can vary from a very subtle to a strong, stunning look. The packaging is very convenient: a slim see-through hard plastic tube with a black cap that contains a little brush. The only drawback is the Armani price-tag, but I find these glosses so unique that I am willing to pay it. Armani's are my favourite lip glosses by far!

Review by cosmokid: definitely the hands down most versatile lip shimmer for my lsf 6.5-8 skintone- winter, spring , summer and fall, a real eork horse. a golden raspberry bronzy peach. a must, by itself ylbbb, and splendiforous over mania #8

Review by ahappyplace: I "hunted" for this lipgloss for a long time before I finally bought it. I had ordered Armani lipsticks from Saks New York before (I live in VA), but I was wary of spending so much to buy a lipgloss sight-unseen. I actually found MUA when I was looking on the internet for photos/reviews of the lip shimmers--and I'm glad I did!
This lipgloss is one of my absolute favorites--not too sticky, layers well but has enough pigment to wear alone. The color is sort of a blend of pink, brown, and peach without having too much of any one of the aforementioned colors. Love the brush too.

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