what is a good lip gloss?3 effective lip glosss review

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By Elena

what is a good lip gloss?Let's see the 3 effective lip glosss review!


Stila Amaretto Lip Glaze

Review by redheadjane: I wanted to like this lip gloss, but I just don't. The smell and flavor are decent, but there it has very little pigment. I used one reviewer's suggestion to layer over strawberry fatbalm and liked the results, but much cheaper lip glosses could've achieved the same effect! And that clicking action drives me nuts...I either get way too much or not nearly enough. The brush is nice, but I much prefer Armani lip shimmers. I don't think I'll go back to Stila lipglazes, as tempting as they appear.

Review by lipstik: The colour is really pretty and I like it.
It's a sheer pinkish gloss with shimmers.
I might purchase it again if they changed their packaging and the texture of the gloss.
Felt that tingling sensation upon applying it and I don't really like that.
Also, its really sticky and the clicking application is really a pain.
I don't have all day to click and wait for the gloss to come out.

Review by edie4711: This is a great shade....a light mauve/berry shimmer color on my pigmented lips. Nice foody, amaretto scent too. Part of the Pussycat collection and is Limited Edition.

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Lise Watier Crystal Drops in Sweet Sugar

Review by runty: Isn't sticky, great smell/taste, good application and reasonably priced. I compare this to Maybelline's "shiny-licious", which feels drier on the lips and is extremely sticky/unpleasant. Mine is in a pink tube - not sure what flavour it is, but it works great!

Review by sjcsmall: This shade puts more sparkles on your lips than the other shades. It looks amazing over lipstick. It is a lot like Dior Sorbet Meringue but not as drying or as expensive. It also isn't as sticky as most lip glosses out there. I do find this gloss doesn't go on as nice as the other Crystal Drop shades but I still like it. I mix it with other glosses to add some sparkle.

Review by aguskl: I like the slim tube as its convienient to carry and as for the price, I do not know how much it cost as this was given to me as a present. For the product itself, I like how it has vitamin E in it and how it isnt sticky and gives a nice sheer shine. The only reason I gave this 4 lippies instead of 5 is because I dont know wether this gloss contains harmful ingredients or not. I certainly hope it doesnt!

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Urban Decay Rebel Lip Gunk

Review by Elixir: The color of this was great but it had a thinner consistency than other lip gunks I have. The taste wasnt anything to write home about either.

Review by lorraine07: This gloss tastes like peach hubba bubba. It gives a great, slightly frosty, orangey/peach nude lip. Looks fantastic paired with a smokey eye! Would definitely purchase again, pity it's not available in Australia!

Review by bastet: Rebel is one of my favorite lip gunks! It a lovely peach shimmer with a little glitter, and it smells great. Beautiful and a must for all you warm-toned girls out there!

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