what is a good lip gloss?3 effective lip gloss brand

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what is a good lip gloss?Let's see the 3 effective lip gloss brand!


Bobbi Brown Lip Tint in Cherry

Review by peachy905: Can only add my praise to the others here: I adore this tint! Even though it's not that pigmented, it seems to just brighten my whole face, while giving my lips a luscious look. Plus it moisturizes. And has an SPF. What more could you want?? This is my every day lippie - I love that I can put it on without using a mirror (although you do have to make sure you apply evenly) - and that it does it all - moisturizes, protects and prettifies (not a word, but hey). Funnily enough, the sales lady initially sold me Black Cherry because it was more pigmented and she thought it would work better with my coloring. I didn't like the Black Cherry as well, but when I borrowed my friend's Cherry Tint I suddenly saw what all the fuss was about. I am half-Asian and have light-medium, olive-toned skin for reference. (Dark hair, hazel eyes.)

Review by pink_cosmos: I love this stuff. A sheer everyday red. Apply evenly. Much lighter than it looks in the tube. I agree with what everyone else is saying. I got this as a sample and it lasts forever. It's a TINT.. not a heavy red coverage.. I would repurchase.

Review by ahappyplace: I think this is just the perfect shade of gloss for me. Not too pink and not too red. I also just love the fact that there SPF! I am going to buy this in a lot of other colors!

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C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint No. 1645 Bare Mint

Review by bunnyrabbit: My lips looked beautiful after applying this mentha lip gloss - very smooth, shiny and even looking fuller. Unfortunately my lips seemed to react to the mint oil - the tingling sensation last quite a while after the application, and one day after the first use the lips got quite irritated. I stopped using it immediately.

Review by blyss: This is what I wear to work, and when I'm lazy to do lipstick. It gives my lips a hint of color without looking done. As with every lip product it dries out over time and leaves lips feeling as such, but I just papertowell everythign off and reapply. No biggie.
I love the minti-ness and the cute little tube.
I'd definitely repurch again.

Review by London84: This is a nice gloss for everyday. It doesn't have much pigment so it's nice over many pink, nude and peach lipsticks, or just over bare lips. In the tube, it looks like a shimmery rosey-brown color but it is much more sheer when applied and gives lips a nice, glossy look. It has a very minty flavor which I love and a mild sweet taste. Doesn't last long, maybe 1-2 hours, but I don't mind reapplying to get that minty rush. Overpriced at it's full MSRP of 7.50 but it is basically always on sale at BBW.

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Cover Girl Wetslicks Lipgloss in Snowdrop

Review by hersheyb: This is a great color. Gives a nice shimmery effect.

Review by lbarnold: I honestly didn't expect this color to work for me at all (I'm a CCC) but I had wanted to try this line for a while and it was 90% off at CVS!!! I probably spent 0.50 and I'm really pleased with it. Instead of going on as an opaque and frosty white, it goes on almost clear. I like the packaging and the smell and... it's a nice gloss. Unfortunately, some of their other colors aren't so universally flattering. Overall, snowdrop is a good buy.

Review by kimby83: CG Wetslicks are the best! I have Fire Fly (A reddish color), Maple Sugar (warm bronzey brown), Clear Radience (Clear), Peaches N Gleam (Pinky peach, a little frosty on me) and my favorite, Snowdrop which is a sheer shimmery white. It looks so beautiful and smells great! It's smooth and gooey, and although it doesn't last more than 45 minutes, I love to reapply. I love it!

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