what is a good lip gloss?3 easy to use lip glosss

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By Tifanny

what is a good lip gloss?Let's see the 3 easy to use lip glosss !


Christian Dior Dior Addict Plastic Gloss - 854 Electrifying Red

Review by nechama22: I'm giving it four lippies for being the exact red I've been searching for. Many thanks to the shop assistant who was patient enough while I tried everything and eventually led me to this gloss. I hesitated, because I was actually looking for a lipstic, but in the end when I use it as a stain (also recommended in another review here) it loses its stickiness and looks beautiful with my pale skin, dark hair and steel-blue/grey eyes. For day-wear I blend it with a cream lip balm and drain with a napkin, but you can also obtain la femme fatale look by applying more and adding intensity.

Review by edie4711: Soooo beautiful !!! The shade is a beautiful red;lots of pigment but can be sheered to a beautiful stain as well. Feels great on and the scent isn't nauseating at all (big plus for me) and has a sexy glossy shine. This gloss gives me angelina jolie lips =D !

Review by lorraine07: This is a gorgeous medium red without shimmer, a tiny bit on the cool side. I think it would suit most skin tones but it's probably most flattering on cool-toned skin. It's a really interesting texture, looks like a very shiny gloss but feels like a lipstick. There is a slight perfume-y scent but it disappears within seconds. I find the gloss works best if it's patted on as a stain, because it bled a little even though I wore lip liner. Other than that though, it's a beautiful gloss and I like the formula.

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BeneFit her glossiness in who are you wearing

Review by Cordelia: I really love this, looks really bright in the tube - a 'bubble gum pink' but doesn't apply that harshly. Quite sheer, gives a nice sheen, and I really love the silky formula. Its not sticky at all, but it doesn't have a great lasting power to it, but I definitely love this. The smell is hard to describe, sweet and I can't pin point it but its nowhere near as nice as the scent of the L'Oreal Glam Shines - but giving this 4 lippies, taking away one for the short lasting power.

Review by pulidobl: Didn't liek this at all. Some cheaper glosses are a lot better than this one! Thank goodness I got it free with Glamour because I'd be gutted to pay the full price for this gunk. It's really sticky and also smells awful. The only thing I like about it is that it's sheer but why make different colour glosses when they're all so sheer you hardly see any difference? This product seriously makes me think twice before buying Benefit - all that money you pay for their stuff clearly doesn't always go for quality! I would give it a zero for rating if I could.

Review by Angeline: love!
i have this in the reforumlated/repackaged version (round clear pink tube with black loop designs - the version they released to consolidate "thegloss" and "her glossiness" lip gloss lines. i wasn't so crazy about her glossiness, because of the wand. the new version has the same pretty pink color (they call it passionfruit pink) with a more cushiony wand. same tasty apricot-lychee flavor.
one star off because the new formula is a tad stickier than their old glosses, but it stays on like crazy!

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Cover Girl Gloss Slicks Pixie Peach

Review by Loriwong: When I picked up the package and read Pixie Peach, the first thing that came to mind was, this looks almost like my Nars Orgasm blush. And I must admit, it leans more towards the pink and natural look just like the blush too.
It has somewhat of a fruity smell at first that wears right off, but there is no offensive smell left behind. It has a thick feel like most glosses and has good shine. I have to admit, I was looking for the perfect color and I think I found it.

Review by Springncts: Its a peachy pink w/ gold shimmers (my absolute fav color on my lips) and i love the way its not sticky and tacky like most drugstore lipglosses. I use EL l/l in 'natural writer' b4 application to REALLY intensify the color...very girly...just like me *lol* =) The name is really deceiving coz although its a pinky peach color....its really more of a pink than a peach....the color kinda reminds me of a less pinkier version of MAC's prrr on my lips....(C5 skintone)

Review by Bonnie2842: This is a really really great gloss, especially for the price. IMO CG should keep these in the regular line, they would be the best thing there. This shade is a shimmery pinky peach with tons of gold shimmer...very natural looking on. The texture is just as good as Bobbi Brown or MAC glosses. This is a great great product, CG needs to bring them back...quick!

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