what is a good lip gloss?3 easy to use lip gloss review

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By Fiora

what is a good lip gloss?Let's see the 3 easy to use lip gloss review!


Kanebo Mode Gloss

Review by pretty_please: I have these in a few different shades.
MG03 - Frosty Mode / an everyday lip color, natural pinky with gold shimmer
MG04 - Copper Brown Mode / brown gloss with copper shimmer.
MG05 - Chameleon mode / a medium pink with berry shimmer.
The best thing about these glosses....the wand design!!! It doesn't get goopy at the top nor does it get into the treads of the cap.

Review by cperry: I do think these are the best glosses around. Very highly pigmented and long-lasting. I have EXTREMELY dry lips and these actually condition my lips like a lip balm. HG for me...

Review by Bethany09: In my opinion Kanebo are one of the most under-rated product ranges out there! I bought this in frosty mode, a beautiful nude pink with shimmer. Not too sticky and fairly long lasting for a gloss. Expensive but worth it.

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Wet 'n' Wild Natural Wear Lip Shimmer

Review by gogoamy: this was an impulse buy.... i'm coughing, my lips are dry i was looking at cough syrup and (as usual) went down the makeup aisle.... less than 2, it had me at natural... i got 107 (cocoa) and it's a total copy of burts bees lip shimmers... but this is BETTER in my opinion. it's more hydrating and VERY pigmented and very shimmery... so a VERY little (for me) goes a long way... in fact i just dap it on my lips.. press em together and i'm good. it seems to last nicely, w/out drying my lips (which are really being quite challenge this season) and i'm really glad i got it. i would get it in other colors. for less than 2... can't beat it.

Review by shelby1123: I bought this lip gloss in tart. The color is great it is a peachy pink natural looking shade. I have been a fan of burts bees, but for 1.99, this is my new fave.I have also tried maple.Maple is very close to the nutmeg shade of B.B. I bought the nutmeg shade in w.w. and I will be wearing it in the fall.It is a beautiful golden bronze. Love Love would recommend!

Review by lizbert: I would say this is definitely a very good product. At 2.99 CAD, it was probably the cheapest tinted lip balm I've ever seen. Not only that, but the pigmentation is crazy! It's pretty much like wearing a lipstick! I bought mine in Tarte, which is a peach/coral colour with red undertones. I only took one lippie off because I don't like this colour, as it looks a bit too orange for my liking. I am, however, planning on trying this in Nutmeg and Spice, and I will edit this review once I get those. As for how the product feels, it's relatively smooth, kind of between a lip balm and lipstick. Having "shimmer" in the product name is quite deceptive, as there is hardly shimmer at all (just a tad). It also has a minty smell/feel, so if you're not fond of that, you won't like this. Definitely a product worth every penny! :)

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LORAC Lip Polish in Delicious

Review by munchlaxy: this is such a beautiful color. its a metallic mauve with a little silver shimmer. i didn't think i could pull this one off because i thought it might wash all the color out of my face, but it doesn't at all. i love lorac's lip polish (i'm partial to the packaging-love it!) i do find it just a little more sticky than a lot of other glosses, but that i don't mind because (for me atleast) i find that stickier usually means longer lasting. looks even better when i have a little bit of a tan. overall i really like this shade and would definitely repurchase!

Review by jenss79: I tried Delicious on at Sephora in NYC and fell in love with it. Usually, I don't go for the dark pinkish colors, because they make my small lips look even smaller. However, because of the shininess of this lip polish, it makes my lips look juicy! It's got the right amount of viscocity to it so that it's not too goopy, but also not too liquidy (think Cargo lip glosses that have high shine, but are really watery and melt). The packaging is cute, but I have a bit of trouble getting the nailpolish-esque brush to get my upper lip. My sister recently got Chanel Blizzard, and we've been comparing the colors--Delicious seems to be a slight hint more mauve, and Blizzard a bit lighter pink. I would recommend this one, it's 7 bucks cheaper and contains more product (despite what it looks).

Review by JT14: This is such a great color for me......a fair skinned blonde. It gives my lips a great mauve-pink shimmery shine. I was afraid this would be too dark from the way it looks in the bottle; which is almost a dark,coppery brown. Luckily, I was able to test it in Sephora. I'm on my third bottle......I just keep gravitating back to it when I run out because the color is so pretty. I'm wearing it in my profile photo!

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