what is a good lip gloss?3 easy to use lip gloss comparison

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By Stella

what is a good lip gloss?Let's see the 3 easy to use lip gloss comparison!


Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour - Movie Star

Review by Carrie: Wow! Such a great addition to my lipgloss collection. This sheer blue gloss with blue and pinkish/purple shimmer. I love being able to snag a great MAC dupe for a fraction of the cost. I had to shop around for this one because they aren't available everywhere. Great product. I would prefer if they came sealed and in less gawdy packaging.

Review by Farra: Movie Star is BLUE lipgloss! My first thought was could it be like comet blue MAC dazzlegass? All I know this is HAWTTTT so pretty tons of microglitter but no nasty gritty feeling and a slight vanilla scent and nooooo taste! It looks gorgeous over any sort of pink and even by itself. I have used it over pink noveau by MAC and Revlons pink pout....super duper pretty. MAC NC 50 for reference.

Review by joheinous: THIS IS A BLUE LIPGLOSS! I can't resist anything blue, and when I say this, I just had to have it in my collection! It bought it for 6.00 and I am absolutely in love with this product. The packing is adorable, a little wide, but I love it. You can tell the difference between the regular glitzy glosses and 3D glitzy glosses (which Movie Star is) by the handle. The 3D glitzy gloses has a pattern on the handle, where as the regular line does not.
When applied, the color turns is not *as* bright as it is in the tube, so don't be frightened! It has the most amazing blue and purple glitter effect on my lips. It also smells very nice, but I can't quite put my finger on what the scent is. Vanilla maybe? Oh well, I would definetely purchase this lip gloss again!

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Revlon Super Lustrous - Coral Glow

Review by Lyssa2676: This is a rather bright coral-rose color with some gold shimmer. It's pretty but a little too orangey on me these days (LLL/yellow undertones) but will probably look better when I have something of a tan. Smooth, non-sticky gel-like texture and good pigmentation, though it doesn't have the best lasting power. But since it's a gloss, I won't hold that against it (I am not one of those chicks who hates sticky glosses but freaks out if her non-sticky gloss fades away within the hour).

Review by lorrainer07: Since Revlon now has several creme shades in their SL lipgloss line, I am totally in love! This one is a perfect brighten up your face coral shade that isn't too over the top and I would so expect this to be 20-25 from a company like Chanel. But this gem is around the 6 range regular price and what's not to love. It's not sticky, gooey and lasts on the lips a good while. I hope that Revlon comes up with more creme glosses for they do them perfectly.

Review by peachy905: I can't really complain about the pleasant texture, finish, or smell of this gloss, and the packaging is both pretty and compact, but this coral shade wears off to an unflattering, flat cantaloupe color on my lips, and I don't have enough time to reapply the shade to keep it from looking silly. I'm sure it looks much better on other skintones, though!

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Chanel Galaxie glossimer

Review by KateN: This is a European glossimer. Galaxie is a sheer gloss with gorgeous silver sparkles! It is absolutely gorgeous! Every girl who likes shimmer on her lips, needs to have Galaxie!

Review by bastet: This is a nice gloss...its very wet. When I had my makeup done at Chanel, the girl used this on top of my lipstick. In the store it was a sheer amount of sparkle, When I purchased it and got it home it was very silvery almost grey on my lips. Not as nice...I think I may sell it on Ebay.

Review by kitten75: This is a pretty, shimmery, silver gloss with a nice sparkle to it. I originally bought this one to go over the Frivole to add some dimension. I would never wear this one alone, since it would just look like pure silver-grey lips. It just looks really nice on top of a deeper lip color. It gives it that shine and shimmer. I like this one better at night due to the silver glitter. In the day, the Crystal Blue would be a better bet. Pretty in it's own unique way.

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