what is a good lip gloss?3 best-selling lip glosss

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By Monica

what is a good lip gloss?Let's see the 3 best-selling lip glosss !


Apt.5 Cosmetics Lip Gloss #12

Review by auth: This is one of my holy grail lip colors along with #4 which I also reviewed. I love everything about the shimmery berry plum color. This shade was very flattering on my NC30 skintone. The packaging was sleek and cK-ish. The scent was a pleasant vanilla similar to the Mac scent of lipglass. And only 6.50 USD. This shade would look lovely on yellow skin tones. I would repurchase in a heartbeat. If only Apt. 5 weren't so difficult to buy for a Canadian.

Review by sjcsmall: These glosses are fantastic! The formula is smooth and not overly sticky, and they smell just like mac lipglasses. In fact, #12 is a slightly more rose toned version of Mac Lovechild with silvery shimmer instead of golden. Very wearable and flattering. Ordering off of the website is easy and they ship extremely fast! The e/s are also great from this line!

Review by GreeneyedGal: This shade is my perfect mauve. I buy Apt5 glosses on the web, so I can't really see the colors in person until I get them, and I figured out that Pearl (not Cream) consistency is absolutely perfect. They are sticky, but semi-sheer, with understated sparkles. This shade and #4 are my HGs, and I have a feeling Apt5 has a few more up it's sleeve.

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Chanel Electric Glossimer

Review by Jennybear: I usually love glossimers. The textures are amazing! This color IMO is too dramatic. It is bright, dark and shimmery. Too much in a lipgloss. I think it is overdone looking. It is also warmer than it looks on the website. Has almost an orange flash to the shimmer. Very loud color. Good name for it. This is a try before you buy forsure!

Review by Lyssa2676: I would buy this again, haha, but I would never wear it again. Its a little too... extreme for me. Very beautiful coral, but its so strong on my lips! Makes me look odd. But this color is awesome if you like bright/strong corals. And as always, Chanel lipglosses have amazing lasting power!

Review by clnfox: This is my second glossimer. I was a bit scared about trying it because it looks so scary in the tube, but, as the reviews said, it's a very pretty and wearable pink. My only complaint is that of many others: the gloss has a tendency to creep up the wand and get kind of messy. Other than that it is great!

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Rimmel Lip Dazzlers

Review by kit_kat68: Fun sparkle...bright colors, if you're looking at the dark tubes. Beware of that, otherwise a fun buy!

Review by cloud0204: I really love how this looks on my lips... I got delirious and brilliant and they both look lovely on my lips, all sparkly and shiny but they just feel so heavy on my lips, and I feel like I have to take it off 5 minutes later. I much prefer eastend snob to this.

Review by tambien: Before I could find these, I heard many on the MU board comparing Rimmel's Lip Dazzlers to Lancome's Juicy Tubes. I was excited to try them! When I finally saw some on display, I picked one up in Crazed :) IMO, the only similarity between JTs and LDs is the slanted tip, and the style of the tube. LDs are smaller, and the texture is much, much thinner. I love the cute tube, the slant tip, and the scent ~ which reminds me of summer. It smells just like an orange creamsicle, and reminds me of Australian Gold suntan stuff :) The other two LDs didn't really suit me (a bright pink, and a corally red), but I hope Rimmel decides to make some more colors. I'm definitely interested in buying one (or more!) of these again, in different shades :)

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