what is a good highlighters?3 top highlighters

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By Marcella

what is a good highlighters?Let's see the 3 top highlighters !


Clinique Colour Rub Allover Lustre in Nude Lustre

Review by funkybabe: This is absolutely gorgeous and perfect. It's a warm shampagne lotion with very fine shimmer that translates into a subtle glow, not glittery shimmer. I mix it with my foundation and/or dab it on cheekbones and my skin always looks dewy and fresh (I have dry skin). The only thing I would change is the bottle as it's hard to pour the product.

Review by Capprii: Pretty cool stuff. Nothing ultra terrific though. Has a faint shimmer. I have been mixing mine with my foundation. Doesn't give me quite the GLOW I wanted, so I use a frosty blush on top. Not terrible, but not really that exciting either.

Review by tippygirl: I love this product. It highlights my cheekbones and browbones so well, and I love how it makes me look awake! I just wish it was easier to get out, packaged like benefits high beam. But i like it too much to complain!

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NARS Nars Multiple- South beach

Review by stephanie32082: I hesitated buying a multile for the longest time, why? They are fabulous, I don't find them greasy at all and they seem to be long lasting (I am on the drier side though). This color is perfect alone with viva las vegas l/s and an earthy eye for the perfect nuetral face or you can add a little bronzer for a more sunkissed look. Now I just need to figure out which multiple to purchase next!

Review by Graceteix: I love this. I think 40 is absurd to pay for a blush-y type thing, however I would do it again in a heartbeat. This and Dior Hydraction TM would be two (expensive :o ) desert island essentials.
South beach is this perfect peachy/apricot bronze on my (naturally) cool, self tanned skin. It gives me nice "I sat out in the sun and came in looking this bronzed and beautiful" cheeks. I have a ton of product, however if I do use it up, I will most certianly purchase it again.

Review by staci01: Not my favorite but it's more the fault of my skin tone than the multiple. Makes me look kind of orange. It looks ok if I just very lightly layer it (bronzer style) over my Maui multiple.

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Naturistics Glitter Stick

Review by DawnD: I like this: a pen sized stick of glitter that is very versatile. It says avoid eye and lip areas, but I love this on my eyelids as a liner or all over the lid as a shadow. Glam is a pretty pink stick infused with silver glitter and brightens up the face well. Also cute for adding sparkle to cheekbones. A wonderful glitter touchup!

Review by Lyssa2676: It looks weird on eyes, but it's really cool on your temples and cheeks, I also smush it onto my collarbone and it does stay put.

Review by iberian: A lot of the Naturistics stuff is marked down at CVS currently; I don't know if that means they are dc-ing stuff, or if Naturistics is going under. At any rate, I got this for a whopping 99 cents today! It's fun... I probably won't use it all the time, but it might be fun for nights out. How can you lose at this price?!

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