what is a good hair styling?3 top hair styling

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By Vicky

what is a good hair styling?Let's see the 3 top hair styling !


Redken Real Control Crema Care

Review by runty: I tried a small tube of this and was very impressed. It does indeed control dry, sensitized hair and makes it more manageable. It has a light smell that doesn't linger and it gives decent shine. I liked that it didn't weigh my hair down and gave some definition. Will purchase again.

Review by maribebe: I've been using this product for several days now and I'm definitely happy with it. I have a lot of fine hair and it's damaged and dry from too much highlighting. This stuff makes my hair extra soft and less poofy and frizzy. The ends of my hair always look wrecked, but my hair is a lot smoother since using this product. I rarely dry my hair in an attempt to prevent more damage and it dries wavy and smooth. I will definitely repurchase.

Review by nina: I am suprised to see such mixed reviews for this product. I tried it upon the recommendation from my hairdresser when I went from brunette to blonde. The cream did wonders to rehydrate and help my hair recover, its now back to being as healthy as previous. I have found that if you put in too much of the product it dries feeling a bit for lack of a better word "producty" but will usually brush out and feel okay. Definately a case of less is more. Crema Care also keeps my hair under control, my hair is fine but I have lots of it and it tends to go a bit fluffy like after washing but this has calmed down the effect and is also a good blow drying aid/protectant.
Will be repurchasing for sure..

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TiGi Bed Head Manipulator

Review by labelslut: I love this. It's excellent on medium to long hair for going for a piecy rockstar look. Smells amazing. A little bit of product has a big effect, if done correctly. Remember to soften the product between fingers and then apply to wet or dry hair.

Review by glossgal_01: This is a blue gooey gunk that is very sticky. You need to use a SMALL amount and rub it in your palms for it to do everything. My hair falls flat with this pomade when I try and create flippy ends so I use this with hard head hair spray (lots) and it usually stays all day. Does dry a bit hard, still on the look out for something that creates flippy ends without loads of hair spray. If I can't find anything that works better, I'll buy this again.

Review by spitfireseven: This is a great product. It can be used in many different ways. It smells great! Its great to get rid of frizz and never leaves my hair weighed down. If you have this product and don't like it you may just be using it wrong. I saw that somebody said this only works well on very short hair, not true at all I have long hair and this works perfectly for it. Also didn't understand why someone would say it flakes?? Hasn't ever flaked in my hair at all. So if you aren't getting good results I would take it to your next hair appointment and ask a stylist to show you how to use it best for your hair length/cut.

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Frederic Fekkai Technician Glaze

Review by shelby1123: Loving this product! It really only does take a couple of drops, rubbed between my palms, to keep my hair shiny and sleek. Beats BioSilk by a mile. The only thing is, I wouldn't recommend it for those who want to add greater volume, but doesn't that hold for most straightening silicon-based products? Good stuff, far better than I could have hoped for.

Review by lorrainer07: I'm a big fan of FF products but for me this was a dud. It did absolutely nothing for my hair. For reference, I have thick wavy hair.

Review by Pinki: OMG this is the best ever! I said I wont purchase this again cause I wont have to cause I know it will last a long time. All you need is 2-3 tiny drops and WA-LA! First of all I noticed the smell...it has like a fruity scent to it very nice, not too strong. Im like smelling my hair right now and it has a light sweet fruity smell to it still. My hair is soo soft it feels like silk. My hair looks straighter, no frizzies and hair sticking out anywhere. I love it I cant believe only 2 drops of this made a difference in my hair. Its def. worth the price.

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