what is a good hair conditioner?3 effective hair conditioners

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By Elena

what is a good hair conditioner?Let's see the 3 effective hair conditioners !


Mastey Mastey Moisturee

Review by isabellet: I don't know why more people don't love this stuff!
Fabulous conditioner for my dry, color-treated hair - not too heavy, but provides just enough moisture to keep my hair looking silky and smooth. Plus, best of all, it's cone free! Highly, highly recommend this stuff and the Mastey shampoo (which is also cone-free).

Review by pinktulip: This is Mastey's intense conditioner in their moisture line. It comes in a beautiful baby blue bottle like the rest of the products in the moisture line. It doesn't have a strong scent, just a linger of cleanliness. The product works great, especially paired with Mastey's Traite shampoo. My hair is almost virgin now (I have a few inches of black dye at the ends) and is very healthy. This is the perfect shampoo/conditioner combination for me. I use this along with Phtyojoba and Phytosesame and I am very happy with the results!

Review by ooliedonna: I purchased this conditioner because my regular shampoo and conditioner are so protein-rich that they were drying out my hair. My hair is usually oily, but it started to get coarse and brittle from all the protein. I put this all over my hair and let it sink in for about 5 minutes. When I rinse it out, I can immediately tell my hair is silky again. It has a high slip factor and rinses easily. I especially like that it is silicone and oil free, which I need for my fine, straight hair. I don't use this every day because my hair isn't normally dry, but it's great for using once or twice a week in conjunction with my other products.

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Crabtree & Evelyn La Source

Review by mulhollanddrive: I discovered this at a Hilton hotel in Boston. I immediately went to their websight and bought a variety of their products-LOVE THEM!
I was able to get free shipping and a 10 dollar off coupon through the retail me not web sight. I also really love the scent along with the quality. This is not a deep conditioner but it works perfect for every day use.

Review by dlbd2k06: Again, just as I said with the La source shampoo, it's not that great and there is no difference between this and other drug store conditioners. I've used both drug store and salon products, I can often feel the difference between them. This product is nothing special. The packaging is very nice, and the texture is light and runny, I prefer something more rich and moisturizing.

Review by Bonnie2842: Love...love...love this shampoo and conditioner. It leaves my hair soft, shiny and smelling fresh and clean all day.

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Back to Basics Coconut Mango Moisture Quenching Conditioner

Review by Alexis: I use this with the shampoo and have been impressed! My hair is very fine and I was afraid it would be too heavy. But it works great and keeps my hair soft and manageable. It also seems to add more body to my hair and it definitely tames the frizz!

Review by iberian: Wow! This product was amazing with the jasmine curl refreshing shampoo! I have curly hair and have been looking for hair products to make my curls soft, defined, shiny, and bouncy. This definitely did the trick!!!!!! After I let my hair airdry, I had amazing curls!! They were what I have been looking for! I am very satisfied. Although, it is extremely thick and hard to squeeze out of even the large bottle. That doesn't matter compared to how amazing my hair turned out. Thanks back to basics. I finally found my hg conditioner.

Review by oneofmylies99: I was looking for something to tame my moderately thick and frizzy hair. This conditioner is very thick -- so much so that squeezing it out of the bottle can be a little difficult. Towards the end of the bottle, it becomes near impossible! It seemed to add instant moisture to my hair, and after drying, my hair was beautifully hydrated and smooth. The good results lasted a couple of days, but then I started having buildup issues, scalp itch issues, and problems with my hair becoming oily. I would not repurchase.

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