what is a good hair conditioner?3 effective hair conditioner

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By Tifanny

what is a good hair conditioner?Let's see the 3 effective hair conditioner !


John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Conditioner

Review by IiIy: What a good product for such little money! I have long, wavy, brittle, dry, highlighted hair with acsess volume on my length (which I hate!). This conditioner gives my hair a lot of healthy shine, makes it straight, sleek, silky, smooth and nourished! I can't say so much about lightening because I got my hair treated with Sebastian Cellophanes in Pearl Blond to banish yellow tones not so long ago. Pity that shampoo from the same range contains SLS and SLES :( (
EDIT: I still love it! And I got comments on how nice my hair color has become! :) )

Review by maribebe: This is an excellent conditioner that I use with the Go Blonder Lightening shampoo and Go Blonder Lighting Spray. I can tell a difference in my salon highlights after only 2 to 3 uses! This should make my highlights last longer between salon visits. I highly recommend!

Review by KateN: Amazing! I naturally have dark blonde hair and I bleach it to a lighter blonde most of the time. This helped blend in my roots to the lower parts of my hair. Noticed a difference after several days of use. Nothing drastic, but my hair just looked brighter and my natural highlights popped! Around 5-6 dollars at Target. Worth the money! Leaves my hair silky and smooth. Definitely use with the shampoo! Will be buying again and again :)

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Aussie Opposites Attract Protect + Soften Conditioner

Review by gogoamy: This shampoo and conditioner is great! I don't really know what its supposed to protect me from, but it definitely makes my hair crazy soft. I'm a big fan of aussie products and this product is def up there. I took off one lippie because I've had this bottle in my cupboard for a few months and while the colour hasn't changed, the smell turned really horrid :( but other than that I'd def buy again!

Review by Olive143: I love this conditioner! Its pretty thick but rinses out easily, doesn't weight my hair down or make it oily. I have very thick, wavy medium length hair. My hair had gotten ruined because I have hard water and I was messing around with other shampoos, so I went back to Aussie and this has repaired my hair!

Review by kitkat85: Very softening. Cheap too. I was using vive pro hydragloss which is fantastic too, but this made my hair a tad more moisturized.
I change shampoo and conditioner like I change my socks. For me to buy another round of this really says something.

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Paul Mitchell Super-Charged Moisturizer

Review by Newme: I think this leaves a considerable amount of buildup in my hair, because while it did seem to work decently the first time I used it, it was less and less moisturizing until it hardly made a difference using it at all. This happens to me when I use a shampoo or conditioner for too long without switching or using a clarifier, but this happened instantly with this product. I also didn't find it to be any more moisturizing than regular conditioners. Super-charged?! Mediocrity, thy name is Paul Mitchell.

Review by bastet: I can't live without this product. I mix it in with my conditioner when I wash my hair, which is about every other day. It makes my hair very soft, and it smells wonderful.

Review by ahappyplace: i tried this stuff and it did absolutely nothing for my hair. i was told by a salon it was because you should put a conditioner on after you have washed this stuff out because it was a treatment. they don't close the hair folicule. thats what the condish was for. pm instant daily moisture worked well to begin with but is very heavy not reccomended for thin hair weighs it down.

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