what is a good hair color?3 best hair color

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what is a good hair color?Let's see the 3 best hair color !


Amphigory Special Effects hair dye- Atomic Pink

Review by Bonnie2842: This shxt is amazing. Ive had my hair pink for over 2 and a half years, and this is the only dye ill use. Ive tried Manic Panic and that blows. SE lasts for months(starts off as a deep pink but fades into a light pink) Ive had my hair every color of the rainbow, but pink lasts the longest. I only need to buy a new bottle once every 2-3 months. I have hair past my shoulders and i can get away with 1 bottle, but i buy 2 just incase

Review by cperry: Love this. I get compliments all the time on my hair, mostly from guys. It starts off as a dark pink, then fades into a bright bubblegum pink. It lasts 2+ months or more depending on how much you wash your hair. It makes my hair feel and look smooth and silky after i dye it. I dont blow dry my hair or straighten it, plus i trim my ends every so often, so my hair isnt damaged at all from this. It does stain your hair though, its almost impossible to get out. If you bleach it, it will turn a very light pink, so you have to bleach it a few more times. I only rec. this hair dye if you dont have to worry about your hair color because of a job, since its a bitch to get out. Ive had it in my hair for almost 3 years with no regrets. 10 a pop.

Review by Jennybear: I have very thick hair thats past my shoulders. I need 2 bottles(ideally 3 if i want some left over) of this to really coat my hair + cover my roots when i bleach them. I get compliments on my pink hair all the time! Ive had my hair pink for years. Ive tried manic panic and that really blows. Atomic Pink lasts for months! It starts off a dark pink, then fades into a light but still bright cotton candy pink. If you have darker parts of your hair, it will turn them slightly red toned, but still pink. It does stain everything. Your pillow cases, your bathroom counter ect.... but i think its worth it for pink hair! If your just getting into pink, and want a few streaks that can fade, get cupcake pink since it fades faster. Atomic pink will stain your hair and is hard to get out.

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Redken Shades EQ

Review by funkybabe: I use this product in the Platinum to tone my bleached highlights. Sometimes, we will mix a bit of Silver to it. My hair pulls red, so I love these shades as they have a bit of violet/blue to them. As others have noted, when you use this as a demi it does not last more than a couple of weeks but it does add a nice glaze to the hair shaft. Have also used the Mojave, a darker ash blonde, with good results.

Review by lmharte: What a great product. I buy this stuff on Ebay and now the space between my salon visits are much longer as I can refresh my color and highlights myself. So many great colors to choose from and so easy to apply. You never have to live with brassy or faded highlights or color again!

Review by AokiJ: Before I had so much grey hair I had this applied by my hairdresser religiously every month.... it actually makes your hair silky smooth and so super glossy I loved it.... now with so much gray... I have permanent haircolor applied now... I highly recommend this product it's fantastic and you won't regret it....

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Clairol Natural Instincts Rich Color Creme - #31 Coffee Creme

Review by dxgirly: just dyed my hair with this color. it is definitely the exact color on the box. my only concern is that maybe i didnt color evenly.. in some areas it appears a bit lighter but i think that just might be the glare because it is so soft and shiny!! :) so far i think i love it! the color is a very very deep brown. from a distance it almost looks black but still is not quite as harsh and maintains the softness and warmness of a brown.

Review by OutofControl: I usually dye my hair with Clairol's Nice n' Easy because my mother does and I always had fantastic results with any color I chose. However, I went to my local Walmart and did not find the color I was using (131, by the way which says: rich dark brown). So on a whim I purchased this color because it seemed pretty much the same. WOW I can't believe how gentle this dye is! No harsh chemicals and it left my hair very shiny and soft. I could have used 3 bottles to completely cover my whole head but I managed with two (I have very thick and coarse straight hair that goes past my shoulders now). Overall I would buy this product again and eventually I would test out different colors from this line whenever I get bored. But I definitely say this is my HG color product :)

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