what is a good fragrance?3 top fragrances reviews

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By Vicky

what is a good fragrance?Let's see the 3 top fragrances reviews!


Victoria's Secret pretty in pink

Review by Keva: This is my favorite flirty, fruity scent! I just love this one. I use the body spray so even with a few more sprays wouldn't hurt anyone's nostrils. It's a fun scent that isn't intoxicating. I love this!

Review by Jennybear: I absolutely love this product and it is no longer out for sale on a regular basis. I usually can only find it on their semi-annual clearance sale and that's when I usually stock up. I think this might be my favorite scent of all time. I rue the day when I won't find it anymore. They need to bring it back!

Review by spitfireseven: Pretty in Pink is a fun, pretty, feminine type of scent. However, it is way too sweet for me to re-buy, making it smell really juvenile out of the bottle. Luckily the bubblegum sweetness disappears once the scent dries down, and I do like the fresh melon undertones. Romantic Wish is waayy better in my opinion, for those of you who are looking for a melon type of fragrance.

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Valentino Valentino V Absolu

Review by dxgirly: I am just beginning to develop a real interest in fragrances, and so my novice nose isn't in tune with all the top, heart, and base notes of a scent. I found this one in a magazine fold, and while most of them seem forgettable, I put the V Absolu swatch aside for future reference, and asked for it for Christmas. I love it! It smells good to me and on me from the first spray to hours later. My assessment: oooohhh! The one negative: the bottle. While rather original with the two bases, I don't like having to look where the spray point is, and it just doesn't seem as classy and beautiful as some others. Minor quibbles, though, for such a pleasing scent.

Review by andij: I like this scent. It's kind of warm, but still very soft and feminine. I try to buy scents that last all day and this is definitely one of them.

Review by Ellz: This is a flirty and flighty scent to me. I say flighty because I don't feel it has very complex layers. It is a little generic in the sense that it smells so much like the other perfumes you smell out there and I wouldn't be able to distinctly recognize it if there was a smell test with other similiar scents. Overall a non-offense if unexciting fragrance.

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Victoria's Secret Pink Soft&Pure

Review by belladoggie00: I bought the body spray, shower gel and lotion in this scent a while ago. Nice for summer as I am not a huge fan of fruity scents...this just smells clean and soapy without seeming like I rubbed myself down with dryer sheets. I feel like the shape of the bottles are kind of cumbersome, but I have not had any problems with the body spray leaking, like other VS sprays (any angel mist). So this is just ok...I like it but will probably more on to something else once it's gone.

Review by kitkat85: Smells like cotton and clean laundry. The scent fades too fast, but it's nice while it's there.

Review by mz654: I have this in scent in the shower gel, lotion and perfume. It smells very clean with a little bit of a flower smell mixed in. The shower gel was fantastic. I used it as a shaving gel and it has a nice lather. The lotion is nice and it rubs into my hands quickly. I enjoy the perfume though it doesn't stay too long. It also came in a cute pink bag. Great for a stocking stuffer!

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