what is a good fragrance?3 recommended fragrances

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By Christina

what is a good fragrance?Let's see the 3 recommended fragrances !


Victoria's Secret Forbidden Fantasy

Review by joheinous: A light and fruity scent...not bad but not too exciting. Also...and I know this *shouldn't* matter, but I hate the name. I would be embarrassed to tell people I was wearing "forbidden fantasy!"

Review by IMAproductwhore: I wish this wasn't discontinued but thankfully I still have a almost full bottle of this and I luuuuuv the scent nice,light,sweet but subtle and perfect for summer.This scent has great lasting power too...

Review by Bonnie2842: This used to be one of my favorite VS scents. I still do like it, but it is not a favorite of mine anymore. It's fresh and tropical, but sometimes I find it to be too sweet. I pick up a strong mango note in this one. That might be due to my body chemistry changing, because I never noticed this until recently. It can be very relaxing and refreshing though. The dry down is slightly powdery and delicate, but it does not last on my skin any longer than about 2-3 hours. For that reason, I wear it at the end of the day after a shower, which is at a time where I usually do not prefer wearing long-lasting, powerful fragrances. I especially prefer the lotion in this scent. I'll probably hold off repurchasing for a while, but I will not be surprised if I go back to this someday.

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Escada Pacific Paradise

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: Escada changes this tropical perfume every Christmas season. They have tweak just a tad, but they stay pretty close to the same scent. This does take me somewhere tropical everytime I put it on. I love the fruity-floral notes that it has. The staying power needs to improve significantly, for the price that they charge for this. This is LE, so I cannot buy this again, but I would if I could.

Review by shopgirl087: I really really love love love the Escada LE perfumes, its true what others have said, this perfume is the least "teen" smelling of the Escada bunch. With that said, the scent reminds me of shampoo it smells kinda like chemicals on my skin. I will still wear it because the fruity fragrance is appealing to my SO and like every other guy that crosses my path, but when I really take the scent in, especially after an hour or so, it smells like shampoo (on my skin)..not. that. great. The lasting power, for me at least, is amazing 6 hours minimum.

Review by blacklittlepig: I like changing fragances for summer and always liked Escada ones but never tried them. This summer I bought Pacific Paradise and Sunset Heat. I kept Pacific Paradise cos it smelled kinda sweeter, more like berries and gave Sunset Heat to my mother cos it smells more of mango and pineapple, more acid. I love both!

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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Unseelie

Review by kitten75: I got an extra free sample of this after I raved to Elizabeth about how much I adored it. I wanted this one the moment I saw it on their site, and it's GORGEOUS. Soft and dark, a hint of flowers but not too floral - night-blooming flowers, maybe. Very powdery and silky on my skin.

Review by meeshmu: In the vial strong and not at all my thing but on my skin it smells exactly like Johnson's babat lotion which is a scent i find very soft and comforting. I would buy this but since it is discontinued i guess I can just stick with Johnson's baby lotion.

Review by kimby83: This is a soft floral, without being too girly. I find it a very special scent, without being too overpowering or too sexy to wear everyday.

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