what is a good fragrance?3 recommended fragrance reviews

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By Monica

what is a good fragrance?Let's see the 3 recommended fragrance reviews!


Christian Lacroix Tumulte Pour Homme

Review by Lyssa2676: Through some bizarre melding of art and alchemy, Christian LaCroix has made cedar wood soaked in Ben-Gay smell rapturously fine. I would wear this anywhere, any time, and if I smell it on a man I'll probably fall over dead on the spot. Bonus: the bottle is strikingly beautiful.

Review by cloud0204: Wonderful fragrance! This has 4 different cedar notes of Texas,Viginia, Chinese and Atlas cedar and being a fan of cedar I'm really loving this. Spicy and warm a great fragrance for Fall and Winter. Will also say that this smells similar to Tam Dao by Diptyque. Did a side by side sniff test and the Tumulte is sweeter IMO than the Tam Dao. My husband and I will both be wearing this happily over the course of this new year. And yes I got this at TJ Maxx for 14.99 also.

Review by Elixir: This is a devastatingly beautiful atlas cedar scent. It isn't fake cedar, B.O. cedar, sweet fake cedar, other woods alluding to cedar... no, this is chock full of cedar essential oil. There is a slight, delicate citric top note, then pure, rich, salty cedar wi/sandalwood tinge and incense and light herbal accents. It's a perfect fragrance for a man, certainly, because it's subtle and not easy to overspray (which men do) but it's also perfect for women -- a dry, smoky, wood for fall and winter and those rare cold summer nights. The price is great, the bottle is gorgeous. My only gripe is that it's still pretty hard to find. Strawberrynet is the only online source I know of.

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Ava Luxe No. 23

Review by minnielouse: I am not a huge perfumaniac, partly because I have allergies and partly because perfume is not cheap. It seems like lately so many scents are cheaply-made, overly sweet gourmand types that are attached to celebrity names (but little celebrity input.) I've been reading the reviews of Ava Luxe, however, and decided to try her Number 23, which sounded right up my alley. I'm so glad I did.
This scent is beautiful. It has soft, warm, creamy sandalwood..not too dry, not too sweet. A hint of dry lavender peeks out at the beginning giving the blend a slight astringincy, but certainly nothing unattractive. As the blend warms up, you sense rose, iris and acacia....this is a woody/floral blend that is pretty, yes, but not overly girly. Yet...its not unisex either. Its a beautiful, understated, slightly spicy mix that I am now addicted to. It really is gorgeous.

Review by blueaygi: While this *is* beautiful, I think it is just a little too powdery and floral for me. If you like those kinds of fragrances, however, I think this would be a must-try. There is something in there that adds a little tang that really offsets the other notes nicely.

Review by stellaluna2: This is perhaps the most interesting scent of all my 12 samples, half of which are simply vile. Sandalwood, Hawthorn blossoms, Acacia, Rose, Himalayan Geranium, Lavender, and Musk. No. 23 is dry and a little bit incense-y, but not too much. It's still missing a note; I'm not sure which. But somehow No. 23 smells incomplete. Too bad, really.

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Givenchy Organza

Review by jules2064: Organza is a nice classical scent, very "mature", rich. I have to admit that I was not very fond of it when it was released, but today it stands out because most of the newer fragrances are really a crap. This one has a complexity, but I agree that it has somehow a "mature" quality and I also see it as a fragrance for a more mature ladies. It is a very balanced floral-woody composition, it is excuisite but not overly dramatic or too extravagant.

Review by bekkbekk1985: I had to get used to this fragrance. First I didnt like it at all, because it is heavy. But now I like wearing it on special occasions.

Review by mielr: this is one of my favorite scents. Others have done a good job of describing it. I think you need to try it on to find out how it will smell on you. It is pretty powerful, so I just apply a little to my wrists and neck. I have a sample I got last Christmas and I only recently took it back out again and have been using it since then. Its just a heady, wonderful fragrance that lasts awhile.

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