what is a good fragrance?3 popular fragrances reviews

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By Christina

what is a good fragrance?Let's see the 3 popular fragrances reviews!


Penhaligon's Castile

Review by francesca39: Considered a clean,soapy fragrance but castile starts off too harsh for me. The middle notes and drydown are much softer,but once it reaches 1-2 hours poof..it's gone. Very expensive to not feel totally comfortable with this fragrance. Neroli is very potent in castile so if you love that note you will most likely like this one. too hard to buy..not very accesible to the masses. glad i tried it via sample..won't buy again.

Review by nina: Castile is marketed as suitable for men or women, but it smells feminine to me! It has beautiful zingy opening notes of bergamot and neroli and then settles down into a gorgeous, creamy orange blossom. Although rose and musk are also listed as ingredients I can't really detect them. Castile is never too sweet or cloying, lasts for up to 4 hours and is very clean and refreshing - never perfumey. A lovely citrussy scent for the summer.

Review by cgosyne: This fragrance is quite unlike anything I've ever smelled before! When I read posts banging on about clean, soapy scents, I think this is exactly what they're looking for - Penhaligons Castille. It's clean and bright, even a bit watery, in a good way - the way that thunderstorms are watery - with a hint of an ozone-ish note. I do smell a nuance of orange blossoms and citrus, but the overwhelming scent is merely clean-clean-clean, like the soaps one finds in expensive European hotels. The EDT lasts and lasts. Even the shower gel leaves behind the same luscious scent. This is the perfect "soapy clean" scent!

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Le Labo Vanille 44

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: Dearest wallet, dearest savings and account, and dear, dear paycheck, I have some excellent news for all of you. You will not be obliterated, depleted, or utterly ravaged in any attempt to obtain a bottle of Vanille 44.
I love me some good vanilla and have wanted to try this forEVAS. And it's nice. Vanilla, incense, woods. It's dry, more of a falltime scent, and, unfortunately, markedly masculine on me. It's not an unpleasant scent, but unfortunately this isn't as soft and mouth-watering as I'd like. Apparently I'm really not a fan of incense in fragrance, because this is too dry, with too much incense and woods, for my taste.

Review by lbarnold: This smells exquisite. Vanilla, nutmeg, booze,transparent yet creamy. It reminds me of the eggnogg I make at Christmas. But not foody. I guess it is hard for me to describe but I always go to this. I carry the bottle in my purse. I am addicted. I will never repurchase this because it is too expensive. The packaging is simple and unpretentious which I like.

Review by bekkbekk1985: Vanille 44 is one of those amazing scents that makes you swoon from first sniff.... it's a masterpiece! Worth the effort to find a sample and try if you like vanilla or ultra-modern scents.

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Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio for men

Review by gogoamy: This is my favorite cologne on my boyfriend. It is very long lasting and masculine. I love it on him!!

Review by Jaie: Just a perfect creation for guys.
Simple, easy to wear, fresh and sexy.
My boyfriend wears it and he feels really confortable, because it doesn't smell from far away but it also stays quite a long time.
Maybe not too masculine, but VERY sexy

Review by labelslut: Boy if you were this you'll definitely turn heads your way. It smells sooo good and sexy! My husband love this so much. One spray is all you need. A little goes a long way. It is long wearing. You throw your man's shirt with this perfume sprayed on it your hamper will smell like the perfume.

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