what is a good fragrance?3 good fragrances review

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By Vicky

what is a good fragrance?Let's see the 3 good fragrances review!


Origins Ginger Essence

Review by Cristy1970: I love the Ginger Essence fragrance. It is not too strong, it's not cloying on me. It's pretty natural. It's my go-to fragrance that I can where anytime. I usually wear the Ginger Essence? Intensified Fragrance Rollerball, but I also like the lotions, body wash, and spray perfume. Great scent for me and my chemistry. I feel like it doesn't both others, either.

Review by angelchan: Bought this out of impulse at the Origin counter, way too overprice. 50 as I remembered; like it, smells fresh, but dont love it. The name ginger refers to a flowers of a root that belong to the Ginger family. Suggestion: try the Avon Ginger spray cologne, for 5, in a plastic spray bottle, I couldn't tell the difference.

Review by mielr: This reminds me a bit of Demeter's Gingerale. It's pretty, soft, and sparkly! I love the idea of the ginger jar shape, too -- too cute! I got it on eBay, so it didn't cost too much. I would buy again.

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L'Occitane Cherry Blossom EDT

Review by marsqurine: more like a splash than a perfume, yes. and i actually haven't bought this, i smelled it at the store and still thinking that maybe i should buy this (if i got the money already haha.. been shopping too much lately). and oh, CHERRY BLOSSOM is not, cherries and blossom ladies, it's different. cherry blossom is a kind of flower, so don't expect to get a hint of cherry scent or whatsoever. anyway.. this is so fresh, clean, and makes you wanna smell it all the time. not sexy or seductive or anythin, just nice, sweet, and.. again, makes you wanna smell it all the time.

Review by nechama22: This is my new favorite perfume. It is so fresh, clean, and light that even on the occasion when I spray more than I want on myself, it does not give me a headache or make me nauseous. It's not at all cloying, too sweet, powdery, or heavy/musky. Instead, it's a very clean, soft-but-bright, fresh springtime scent that I'll be wearing year-round because I can't imagine getting sick of it. :) I've heard people compare it to the scent of freshly washed hair -- that's a great description! The only downside is that it doesn't last very long (or maybe my nose just becomes accustomed to it quickly).

Review by blueaygi: This... is so fantastic! The smell is amazing. It is sweet with a hint of strangeness that makes it really intriguing. I'm no good at describing perfumes, but the top note of cherry is delicious and makes it smell delicate and decadent. I love love love this perfume... I would definitely buy this again. It is the perfume that I wear every day.
On the other hand, it is quite expensive (compared to the cheap deals I can find wholesale for other perfumes, which I can't find for this one).

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Avon Haiku Awakenings

Review by Springncts: This is such a great scent! I don't particularly care for the original Haiku, but I love this. It reminds me of pure sunshine in a bottle!

Review by taskeeng: this smells so nice....i bought it on ebay for 5 withought even smelling it first and im so glad i did it smells so nice.. ladies you got to try this.
this is a nice alternative to burberrys weekend and juicy couture.

Review by bekkbekk1985: I love both this and the original. I get a lot of compliments from guys and would definitely repurchase.

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