what is a good fragrance?3 effective fragrances

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By Tifanny

what is a good fragrance?Let's see the 3 effective fragrances !


Victoria's Secret Heavenly Angel Mist

Review by liselise1: This fragrance is so yummy! Heavenly Angel was a gift from my bf and I love how it makes you feel sexy but it's also something you can wear everyday too. I'm not a fan of powdery scents but this is not overwhelming at all. Maybe the light cocoa hints balances it out... But who cares?! It just smells really good!

Review by island_honey: My boyfriend just bought me this today. It smells so light, powdery, and fresh. It doesn't give me a headache. Overall, it's nice for not that expensive.

Review by bastet: i normally buy the perfume, but last time i went to vicky's, this was on sale (2 for 20) so i bought it. i love this scent! im hooked. i've noticed it smells a lot different on me than my dads girlfriend, or my cousin. personally i like the way it smells best on me haha. the only down side is that when i put it in my purse, the top sometimes falls off and sprays everything in there when its being jumbled around. i can forgive that, though. i'll deffinitely be purchasing this over the perfume now, its cheaper and the smell lasts about the same amount of time, but is just a bit more subtle.

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Creed Original Vetiver

Review by JT14: It smells exactly like a bar of Ivory soap to me. Which I love. I was very surprised by the freshness of this scent, I was expecting something drier and woodier. Too expensive though!

Review by edie4711: This is the third Vetiver-based fragrance by Creed. And its the most sporty, casual and fresh version yet ! The the top notes of bergamot and mandarin provide a refreshing introduction to the scent, and the haitian vetiver (made from vetiver leaves, not roots) kicks in in the middle notes, flanked by the fresh top notes. All this is topped off by a base of musk and ambergris.
Its a perfect scent for people wary of strong earthy vetiver smells! The sillage and longevity is fantastic, and it rivals Creeds Green Irish Tweed as an all-purpose classy scent!

Review by roxiblue: I Love, love, LOVE this scent. Clean, herbal, fresh. This can be worn by men, but I love it on me - I like the slight sexiness the masculine aspect gives it on a woman. Just perfect!

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La Prairie midnight rain

Review by Newme: Um... Why does this fragrance smell so much like Calvin Klein Euphoria? I love Euphoria, actually, but for this price tag, La Prairie should have come up with something a little more surprising. The packaging, in my opinion, is hideous: an asymmetrical rounded teardrop on black with silvery glitter varnished onto it. It looks like something you would find at a candles-and-scents booth in a shopping mall.

Review by jlinh2u: I wasn't impressed with the original Silver Rain but this keeps drawing me back for more. The patchouli is fairy strong but not the head shop variety more so the clean version which I much prefer. The scent just melts in to my skin. I have gone through a couple samples and bought a few more...time will tell if it is truly FBW. ;)

Review by Jessimau: This fragrance and I had a brief affair. In my quest for the perfect "fancy" oriental fragrance (I have enough casual ones to last a lifetime), I thought I had stumbled upon the holy grail. This perfume started out on me smelling almost like a man's cologne, then softened to a VERY sweet oriental. Incredibly lovely and I received several complements. However, I would be lying if I said this one was entirely unique on my skin. It smelled like so many others before it, and I was tired of this fragrance after about 3 weeks. I tried coming back to it a few months later, but by that point found the fragrance more annoying than anything. I'm not opposed to giving the rest of the La Prairie fragrance line a chance, but this one is permanently retired for me.

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