what is a good foundation primer?3 effective foundation primer

By Stella

what is a good foundation primer?Let's see the 3 effective foundation primer !


Jane Eye Brightener Treatment

Review by julie9536: Thanks to the reviews on this product, I tried it (would not have noticed it otherwise). I don't think this is the right category; I remembered reading about it and had a hard time finding it, knowing it was an eye treatment, eye primer, etc. Anyway, this is a really great product which works for me as a pore minimizer, and skin smoother. I use it on my eyelids, upper lips where I have lines, nose and other areas with small acne scars and it works wonders. For eyelids, both Barely Pink and Nude neutralize the red (as mentioned by one reviewer) and create a matte surface. It looks good alone or makes a good base for longer lasting shadow.

Review by Keva: as a concealer it doesn't do much to my dark under eyes, it looked dry and it settled a little too much into the creases. I would use it as an eye shadow primer but not much else.

Review by lorrainer07: This is a fabulous product. I have it in Nude and the pink shade .. the Nude is fantastic for the reasons other reviewers have already said, and the pink on me looks too ghoulish -- it's sort of lavender-shimmery and makes me look like I've had bad plastic surgery all over my eyes, as if I have new translucent scar tissue. But the Nude is perfect for toning down the redness around my eyes or any other booboos. I bought it months ago when I had it in my head that I needed Bobbi Brown's Corrector, but after trying this product (which I got for half off, which means less than 2) I forgot about Bobbi. It lasts, it doesn't irritate, slide or shine, and it has that pleasing cream-to-powder consistency. The little plastic jar is easy to carry around. Buy now!

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Sephora effaceur de MAQUILLAGE / Makeup Eraser Pen

Review by nechama22: Three lippies to this product for the idea alone--it so obviously should have been done already. Unfortunately the eraser pen, while brilliant for the first few usages, quickly gets dirty (and not even soap will take out the grime). Using the dirty pen won't erase your makeup whatsoever--it'll just create more smudges. I wish this were somehow engineered better. Right now mine is dirty--it's still usable, but far worse than it started out.

Review by Stampy_76: this was made for me! i always go out with perfect make up and come home with 'panda' eyes where my eyeliner and mascara have run. but this product has saved me. as soon as i bought it i tried it out straight away and it works like magic! i will definitely be buying this again because this has saved my life!

Review by JT14: This idea behind this product is brilliant! It's especially useful in correcting eye makeup errors, especially if you're too lazy to use a Q-tip instead. However, as others have mentioned, the tip does get dirty after a few uses so you'll eventually have to replace it. I usually wipe off the tip with tissue after each use, and it seems to be helping just slightly. I will repurchase until I find a better alternative.

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Sephora Skin Smoothing Makeup Base

Review by Newme: I really like this primer. It glides on very nicely on the face. Afterwards I put on my foundation as usual. The primer makes my face matte and the foundation looks nicer and stayes on longer. It makes the skin look smoothe. Here in France where I live it is also guite cheap, so I will repurchase.

Review by Lyssa2676: I received this in a swap and I think it's just great. First, a little goes a long way, it makes my face feel amazing. The best part, however, is that it really helps control shine. Since I've started using it I really have had to blot less - I'm surprised. I'm not sure what it does to keep my foundation in place, but I swapped for it b/c of my very oily face. I will definately be buying this once I run out.

Review by Jennybear: Its OK, I didn't feel like it controlled my oil very well. I also don't think it absorbs very well, I don't know..It just like monistat, just buy that instead..its way cheaper

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