what is a good foundation makeup?3 good foundation makeup

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By Christina

what is a good foundation makeup?Let's see the 3 good foundation makeup !


Origins Reflections

Review by staci01: I was using stay tuned for awhile but it was not helping with my oily t-zone. I only purchased this cause they were out of my color in stay tuned. I thought this may dry me out, cause i dont consider my skin extra oily, but I love this! Good converage for me, but the colors are too dark. Angel runs out the most cause its lightest, and thats what most people probably get. I recommend!!

Review by Sybil84: This is a great foundation if you do not have acne prone skin. I am so mad because this matched my skin tone perfectly and blended really well, but sadly it made me break out, which is odd because it is oil free. So sad that I will not be buying this again, I wish it didn't break me out.

Review by KateN: The lightest color is orange. Don't waste your money. I find it somewhat deceptive to call Angel, "The lightest color." No one has skin that is orange.
Edit: With my receipt, they refunded the full purchase price without too much haggling. It is some credit to the company, because I know they can't use it again.

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Clinique City Sheer SPF 15 sheer tint

Review by leeyao: Really like the feel of this TM which is a reall TM for oily skin. It doesnt sit on your skin or reappear later in the day. Polished but natural. This is a really impressive product that I think beats out Almost Makeup. The coloring is somewhat better than the AM as well. The light/medium....which oddly looks good on me (I am a CCC, NC45) is a bit of yello beige without the major orange like the AM "olive" tone, deep2. Also lighter and not as oily feeling as the AM. I think I have a winner. A bit too pink and a little heavy for me and so back it went.

Review by London84: I can only wear this in the summer because the color is a bit to dark for me. I love the combination of sunscreen, mattifyer and foundation. Its very convenient for active days with no need for a made-up look. What makes me sad is that I'm afraid my skin cannot tolerate titanium dioxide... I tend to brake out horribly from it and so I havent used this for a while. I wil give it another try next summer because I liked it so much, lets just hope it wont brake me out again.

I have found my HG foundation with spf in biotherms sense and use the city sheer on my body for a hint of tint and coverage. It works excellent for that!

Review by blacklittlepig: Hmm. I'm reading the other reviews and didn't even realize this fell under the category of foundations or tinted moisturizers. I don't get any moisture from this, (even though I am extremely oily, I still count on a light moisturizer for hydration) but I do use it in place of foundation because of the sheer color. I'm a MAC NC25 and use this is Medium/Dark, as I find the Light/Medium leaves a whitish cast to my Asian skin. This is a definite must have in my collection - I'm a crazy sunscreen freak these days.

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Arbonne About Face Luminous Color Wand Spf 8

Review by lizbert: I prefer this over the liquid foundation as it's a bit more matte. Covers nicely but is NOT full coverage. Color stays true, goes on very easily and blends well.

Review by Cygentte3: I really disliked this product. The packaging doesn't allow for leaking/spilling and it's compact so I can appreciate that, however, it is also difficult to get a proper amount of product onto the wand and therefore onto the face, gets a bit dried out.
Doesn't stay put at all for acne coverage. As under eye concealer it goes on ok, but doesn't stay put for long, ends up either disappearing or piled up in corner of eye.
I generally prefer a pot style concealer so I suppose I am biased against the wand anyway but I will definitely not repurchase.

Review by IiIy: I love this makeup also, just depending on the coverage you want. This is so easy to apply, does not last as long as the liquid, but is so worth the money.

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