what is a good face treatment?3 best-selling face treatment

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By Monica

what is a good face treatment?Let's see the 3 best-selling face treatment !


Somme Institute Transport Pads

Review by julie9536: This product is perfect for acne!!! I mainly use just the pads from the Somme line (they want you to use all five of thier products) and I find that the transport pads work great just by themselves. I have been using this since March of this year and my skin is virtually clear, with the exception of a few breakouts during that time of the month. The transport pads have also helped fade my acne scars, which I have had since junior high. If you have cystic acne, like me, then these products are great for you. There may be a little tingle when your first use the products but it doesn't bother me. I will always use the transport pads from now on.

Review by nemomemo: Somme is the only line that consistently works for me - I always achieve soft, firm lovely, glowing skin when I use the pads in conjunction with the serum and a-bomb. The pads are pretty potent - they may sting a little on sensitive skin, but if you start out using them once a day and slowly build up, it's amazing what they can do. Pricey at 45, but I cut them in half to make them last longer. Available at Barneys New York.

Review by redheadjane: I think these pads are horrific! You must have really thick resilliant skin to use these! I tried these in diferent ways, cutting them in half, squeezing the excess acid from them, using them once or twice a week...but all that happens is I have a really bad reaction, when I say bad, I mean I break out in big red spots and whiteheads, at least 100 of them on my face to the point I feel like I am goin to faint or something. I dont recommend this for acneic skin, expecially severe acne. Maybe if you have the odd spot now and again. I wish these worked, in fact I tried to get other people to try them and they thought they were way too strong aswell. My skin has changed...I want to go back to using these pads only because of the brightness it gave my skin (though it did make me break our very bad). I will try again soon...

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Unlisted Brand Beyond Belief Alpha Beta Hydroxy Intensive Serum

Review by kit_kat68: This product is divine decadence!!! I also love the Vitamin C serum in the same line. This particular serum really brightens my skin and hydrates it while not leaving it oily at all. It absorbs beautifully into the skin. At first, it may feel a bit tacky..but seconds later, run your fingers across your skin and you feel it..PURE SILK!!! I love this! It also exfoliates which keeps skin looking smooth, pore-less and young! I definitely recommend! A fantastic primer for mineral make ups AND liquid/cream make ups! I love multi tasking products and this is one a dem!

Review by cosmokid: I hate to spoil the party, but this didn't work for me. I tried it because I wanted to try BHAs instead of AHAs (I'd heard that BHAs were more gentle.) I used this for over a month. It did flatten out fine lines for me, but only temporarily. No long term results.

Review by bebejacket: DDD
I use this every other night as an exfoliator and it increases the effectiveness of my BP cream. Leaves my face smooth, unclogs pores, release ingrowns and decreases my pore size. Comes in an hygeinic pump and can be purchased at Sally's for 8USD.

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Poshe Cuticle Cream

Review by ZoSo: The best cuticle cream I have ever used! Terrific for preserving manicured cuticles and also rescues extremely dry cuticles with dedicated usage.

Review by roxiblue: This is the best cuticle cream I've ever used. 7.95 from Pure Beauty for .5 oz tube. Use 2x per day. The AHAs in it help to minimize raggedy cuticles. It makes your fingers look very clean and polished. You need only a small drop of the cream on the cuticle area, rub in very well and follow up with a good hand cream/lotion with at least SPF 15. Your hands will look very smooth and young!

Review by belle2216: Stunning, fast results. No more shelling out money for manicures and cuticle trims. Within a week of regular use (one quick cuticle massage a.m. and one in p.m.), my ragged, dry, painful cuticles have been transformed. Love this stuff!

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