what is a good face treatment?3 best face treatments

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By Stella

what is a good face treatment?Let's see the 3 best face treatments !


Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM

Review by Capprii: hi, i started use the retinol product as antiaging privantion ,,, at the begining it was very good filling, oily consistency that dissappear very fast...i really liked it usind night time.
after several times of use(5-6) i had an allergic reaction on my face..forehad, around the lips; its become dry, then red and papules,,,,,very unplesant filling!!!!! i stoped using it ...its took around 10 days till my face became back to normal skin... i suggest first cheak for the allergy of this product! good luck

Review by Bonnie2842: Another recent purchase for me from the online store Fresh and so far I can't say anything negative. I do have some tingling when I apply the product however my skin isn't flaking and is baby smooth.
A little goes a long way with this product and even though it is applied with the dropper the bottle is opaque protecting the ingredients inside.
So far so good, fingers crossed this product is also a stayer.

Review by mz654: I've been using this every other night for two weeks. I chose it over Poetry in Lotion (DermaDoctor) for the high retinol concentration and simple non-comedogenic ingredient list. I've used Philosophy's Help Me so my skin is used to retinol. I'm not seeing any miracles but my skin is looking more even toned, some improvement in pore size, and I haven't had any breakouts, peeling or irritation. It doesn't feel harsh - it's almost like spreading plain water on your skin - and there's no itching or redness at all. I don't like the glass bottle - break hazard - and the dropper is messy and wasteful (I always dribble a little between the bottle and my hand) which is bad for such an expensive product.

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Avon Clearskin Correct & Fade Peel

Review by shopgirl087: I have two mauve/purplish scars from three months ago when I had two horrid cystic pimples. I was using a 10% glycolic acid toner and/or 2% salicylic acid pad on them and they stayed the same. Within a week of daily use of these correct and fade peel pads the area had significantly lightened. After two weeks of use, I would say that the areas have lightened by more than 50%.Product has a light scent and contains 1% salicylic acid, glycolic acid, Oxa acid, glycerin and extracts of bamboo, wheat germ and perilla. Pads are small but enough to do your face. I purchased the container of 30 pads on sale for 3.49. Paraben free.

Review by Suzy_h: Been using this for 3 weeks.It's improved the appearance of dark marks on my face and greatly improved my skin's texture. My skin is incredibly smooth, with no more bits of dry/flaky skin. It's affordable and works well PLUS I havent had a reaction to it! (Yay me :) ) Will definitley repurchase.
Ingredients: Aqua, denatured alcohol, butylene glycol, glycerin, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, thiodipropionic acid, ammonium hydroxide, disodium EDTA, propylene glycol, trioxaundecanedioic acid, parfum, triticum vulgare germ extract, bambusa vulgaris extract, perilla ocymoides extract.
Ok, 3 months gone now and this is still a great way for me to incorporate aha/bha into my skin care routine without overly stripping my dry skin. Does a fab job with those dry flaky bits.

Review by moth: I used this before I discovered the Nuetrogena Stress Free Control Treatment and I loved it. It w s the only thing at the time that helped clear up all my acne and fade away some old acne scars. It evened out my skin tone and made my skin smoother and softer. I had to take off a lippie for this because I think that the price is too high for somthing so little (5.49 for a tube of 30 pads, I'm a poor college student so I can't afford it anymore) I had to buy new ones every month and it was getting expensive so I stopped. If it was on sale again, I would buy it in a heartbeart.

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Dove Damage Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner

Review by Lyssa2676: I am not "wowed" by this ...in comparison to the reviewers below. I have thick/coarse wavy ( dry *sigh*) long hair. This conditioner worked OK the first time using it but after continued use not so much. I don't feel it really moisturized or gave my coarse hair much of a "slip". I think it's just an "OK" conditioner. it works like any other average conditioner. Nothing mind blowing or a "must have" for me. I even changed up my shampoo to see if maybe the shampoo was drying my hair? but nothing changed even with that change. I have always loved Matrix Biolage ultra hydrating balm. I will have to go back. I was just open to a cheaper alternative.

Review by misswillow: I wasn't extremely impressed with this conditioner. I noticed a *slight* difference after my first application, but upon further washes and applications, no difference from my regular Herbal Essences conditioner.
I wouldn't buy again.

Review by pinktulip: I am in love with this treatment conditioner. Doesn't weigh done my fine, damaged hair and imparts lush softness and gorgeous waves. I am able to air dry my hair and it actually looks amazing...and less damage!

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