what is a good face toner?3 effective face toner

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what is a good face toner?Let's see the 3 effective face toner !


Chanel Activateur Purete Oil Controling Purifying Lotion

Review by tippygirl: I love Chanel cosmetics but I think their skincare is pretty naff for a premium range - this was the toner of choice when I invested in their whole range.
I used the gel cleanser which was sticky, sticky - I hoped this would help get the gloop off but what it did was make my face even sticker - it wasn't refreshing, or cleansing or anything. It was like mixing Gum with Pritt Stick. Not nice.

Review by Jessimau: I would only recommend this for really oily skin, I find it far too drying for my sensitive combo skin. It is also very expensive.

Review by Graceteix: I'm a fan of this product. Though it is expensive, it's a very gentle yet effective purifying gel toner, which, as another MUAer previously mentioned, has a mattifing effect. It makes me skin feel *great* and I've learned that since the gel texture isn't the least bit runny, I can apply with my (clean) fingers instead of a cotton ball and not have any product absorbed into the cotton before it does it's thing on my skin. Will rp when my bottle finally runs out.

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Arbonne Toner

Review by blueaygi: Maybe I purchased incorrectly (or without proper knowledge) but the 3 products I purchased leave a waxy filmy feeling over my face. I used Estee Lauder products, and in effort to save a few dollars, tried Mary Kay, then Arbonne. The Arbonne was, by far, the worst product line for my face. Just FYI. My skin is 51 (I'm 20 at heart!!) years old. Combination, still. It just was not right for my skin. I do not recommend it.

Review by YolandaMC: I love, love, love, that this comes in a sprayer bottle. So much nicer than wetting a cotton ball first and dumping too much out, I find I can use much less product this way and it feels more refreshing going on.
That said, this toner didn't seem like anything special to me. No better or worse than others. The price point is fairly high for what you get.
I only use toners in the humid months so only have to buy once a year and may last a bit beyond that even. So, I may or may not purchase this product again. Price is somewhat more justified when combined with promo deals offered.

Review by nishie: This toner has a wonderful minty-rosemary scent and it doesn't dry out my skin in the slightest. It seems expensive but lasts a very long time, even with 2X/day usage. Will definitely re-purchase!

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Payot Tonique Purifiant

Review by hersheyb: It`s a tonic in lotus-shaped bottle.. green colour and with salicilic acid. I don`t find it did anything to my skin, but it might be good refreshment in summer time cause it`s not drying (no alcohol). Won`t buy again.

Review by Carrie: One of the best toners I've ever used. It makes skin clean, without over drying. You can literally see the difference after you apply it - the face looks very fresh, I think it is because of the coffee extract in the toner. It is very good for oily skin, but it would never help to get rid of acne.

Review by betsyab: This is a fantastic toner, I find it partners the Payot Mousse Nettoyante Cleanser superbly - I have oily/combo skin that was prone to beak-outs - this has completely cleared up since I have been using these products!!
My sensitive skin does not reactive negatively either, there is no harsh burn that some toners inflict! I feel this is due to the fact that it is alcohol free. It has a light, fresh fragrance and I have not found it too drying - perhaps this is more a testament to the fantastic moisturiser I use!
Used twice daily I have found that I am less prone to blemish's and skin does appear a little more even/refined.
Its pricey for a toner, but you can buy it online for a great price - infact this way it really only costs a little more than the cheap stuff!!

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