what is a good face skin care?3 top face skin cares

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By Tifanny

what is a good face skin care?Let's see the 3 top face skin cares !


Zapzyt Acne Pack 3 Step System

Review by jlinh2u: One word for this product... AMAZING. I've been suffering from severe acne for the past 7-8 months and I've tried EVERYTHING in attempt to get it under control. I finally picked this product up 3 weeks ago and my acne is GONE! 100% gone. It did dry my skin out after the first week of use (I even considered discontinuing use because of this) Im so glad I didn't. The dryness does subside and it was a small price to pay for clear skin in just 2 1/2 weeks. I highly recommend!

Review by askewchick: I know a lot of people have had bad reactions to this product, obviously this product isn't for everyone's skin type. I have BEYOND EXTREMELY sensitive skin, and this cleared my skin up within 2 days like it guarantees. It's amazing, my face is clear, more even toned, it really does prevent breakouts and any ones that you have, dab a lil extra of the day gel and it's gone within an HOUR. I mean wow, I used the cleanser in conjunction with the Buf-Puf gentle facial sponge and it really takes care of the dry peelingness :p. I got that tip from another review for this product, so thank you! I'm in love with ZapZyt! I have a few flare ups but like I said, dab a lil extra on and it's gone within an hour like it never existed. Proactive ruined my skin horribly as well as the Clean 'n' Clear, but those products have worked for others so don't hesitate to try either one!

Review by mworley00: This product smell bad, and peels the skin right off your face. I tried to stick with it and give it a chance to get past the dry-out-peel phase, but my skin couldn't handle it anymore. AND it didn't do much for clearing it up either. I gave this a 2, only because it's not as harsh as some treatments out there. I am now using the Clean and Clear kit, and am much happier with the results!

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Shiseido Facial Cotton

Review by ninanina: I love these too. I bought them once on sale and then refused to buy them after because of the price. But the packaging (at least here in Canada) is sooooo nice, I bought them again (full price). Totally worth it, I'll always use these to clean my face.

Review by JettNY: This is a bit pricey, but when you cut them in half, their really is quite a few in the pack. It also helps to use less product, so in the end you probably save. It is nice and soft on the skin. I will purchase again.

Review by mulhollanddrive: What else can I add to this wonderful stuff? Although you might think this is just a cotton pad.. it's very unique. It's hard to describe or to say how good it feels and how different you can feel using Shiseido cotton pad comparing with other brands... so you gotto try it urself! It's 8 CAN which is probably the most expensive one you can find around here but it's worth it.

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Paula Dorf Face Bath

Review by lipstickcrazy: I LOVE this product. It takes so much off of your face; makeup, dirt, oil. My favorite thing about it is you can use it without water, which often motivates me to wash my face before bed when I'm really tired and can't muster the energy to get out a washcloth and do the whole routine. It does not leave a lingering scent or feeling on your face. Works so well and is incredibly convenient!

Review by Caligirl42990: I love this gentle cleanser. This is like Cetaphil for the makeup obsessed. It effectively powers off even eye makeup without stripping the skin or adding extra steps (ie face makeup remover, eye makeup remover, etc.). I can easily pump the desired amount of cleanser into my hands, rub my palms together, and lather onto my damp face. Or, I can use this without water as a 'wipe off' cleanser. This does not disappoint. I recommend this for all skin types.

Review by Pinki: This is a great cleanser! I have dry skin. The smell is nice, but not strong. Effectively cleanses without drying and leaves my face nice and clean and soft. I use a separate eye makeup remover and just lightly cleanse the eye area with the Face Bath, and it has not irritated my sensitive eyes. I like that it comes in two 4oz bottles - really nice for travelling and also for not taking up much space in my shower caddy, but I take a lippie off because it's kind of a pain to have to unscrew the cap and screw it back on, especially in the shower ... A flip-top would be better. Still, I like this a lot so I would repurchase.

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