what is a good face skin care?3 good face skin care

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By Vicky

what is a good face skin care?Let's see the 3 good face skin care !


mark TOUTE SWEET gourmet mini facials

Review by leeyao: I love these, so lush! yet so cheap! this is what its says in the magalog:
TOUTE SWEET gourmet mini facials
Decadent desserts. These unique and scrumptious skin remedies come in a box of four easy-to-squeeze tubes. Indulge your taste for beauty twice a week.
0.67 fl. oz. each.
sweet treats for your skin
try our new Toute Sweet Gourmet Mini Facials.
Price: 10.00 set of 4
they werent as small as i expected. you could deffinitly use them atleast 10 times each. sooooo lush, i love ALL the smells.
AMAZING products overall

Review by bebejacket: This is really a sweet treat but I wish against hope that they would create the face scrub in a regular sized product. It's so mild and smells sooooo good on (like a warm and sweet bakery) that I would love to be able to purchase it alone for daily use. All the masks smell lovely and overall it's a great little set for pampering. A+.

Review by drusilladru: I like these. Like other posters, I wish the face scrub came in a full size. They are not so huge they will be in your medicine cabinet 5 yrs from now like some face masks. I dont know if I would repurchase, just a fun little thing to try I guess.

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Neal's Yard Honey and Orange Face Scrub

Review by nina: I have to agree that this is an agressive scrub - especially for us sensitive skin types. I bought it because "ground rice grains" sounded nice and soft, but they are actually pretty chunky and sharp! The smell is divine, this fabulous real orange chocolate bliss, and the creamy texture is great once you mix it with water, but I also will be using this product on my body, not face.

Review by Keva: I had been looking around for a new scrub and dediced to try something more organically based and thought i would try this one. Over all i really like it, the smell isn't to sickly and it really makes my skin feel great once ive used it. The only thing i would hold against it is that it is not the easiest product to apply. The grains are rather large and getting the product into a good consistancy to put on your face is not the easiest thing to do (you have to add water to the product before applying it) I have moved this product up to a 5 rating becuase after using it now for a good number of months, my skin has never looked or felt better. This is deffinatly my HG scrub.

Review by island_honey: This is the ultimate scrub. I've tried so many, both high street such as body shop and lush and premium brands such as chanel. you name it, I had been there.
I kept on using those because anyway scrubbing is necessary, but none so far had ever left my skin so really cleansed and renewed as this scrub did.
It might seem quite strong so you have to be careful, but it is definitely the best scrub out there.
do a mask after if and then moisturize, and in the morning you'll have the skin of a teenager :)

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Kesalan Patharan Perfect Cleansing Oil

Review by KateN: Also my HG!!! Since I've found this, I didn't find the need to use separate eye makeup remover anymore!! It's even better than Lancome Bifacil in removing waterproof mascaras. Usually even though I've wiped my eyes with Bifacil, when I applied eye cream there're still left mascaras smeared under my eyes. But using KP Cleansing Oil really removes everything. Love the scents too!!

Review by Alexis: Something in this irritated my skin, and I think it's the fragrance. I had high hopes for this oil given it's short ingredients list, but it made my skin feel tight, dry and itchy.

Review by kit_kat68: This product is awesome! Really wonderful at removing makeup cleanly and easily - I use this cleanser when I'm lazy, which is most of the time. You just pour a little into your hand, apply to a dry face, and rinse it off. Great at removing eye makeup as well without irritation. Leaves skin soft and clean, and not stripped. Better and cheaper than Shu's.

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