what is a good face skin care?3 best-selling face skin care

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what is a good face skin care?Let's see the 3 best-selling face skin care !


Olay Oil-Free Lotion

Review by misswillow: My cousin got me hooked on this stuff and have been using it since grammar school. Its not greasy and its really light so it absorbs in the skin well. Leaves my skin soft and not oily after having used it.

Review by maribebe: This is a huge bottle and is the only moisturizer that I own that doesn't sting/irritate my face when my skin is sensitive from dryness or blemishes. It's a great staple.

Review by rebec75: This is the third time I've bought this product. I have oily-combo skin and this didn't cause any breakouts. It's non-greasy and I love the scent. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 is because although this is good for the oily-T zone, it doesn't do a very good job moisturizing my drier areas ... but then, if it did ... it'd probably be too oily for the T. :p

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Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Deep Wrinkle Moisture Night

Review by Springncts: I have dry hormonal problematic skin. I like retinol products. Some work some do not.
This cream/gel works for me. Sometimes I buy something different and I always come back to this. Its not harsh yet has the smoothing effect I need due to sun damage and general aging. I am on my third tube and will continue to repurchase even though I think I have hit the wall as far as it doing anything more for my winkles and sun damage. I like that its not greasy yet moisturizes. Each tube lasts me about 4-5 months.
I have tried AHA's and they are too harsh for me.

Review by sophie_tan: I've gone through two tubes so far - about 5 months. I think I'm using this in the hopes that the retinol will act as a wrinkle preventative, even though I'm not sure retinol works that way. What I have noticed is my skin (not sensitive, I don't blemish easily but I do have some redness) feels very soft and smooth in the morning. I haven't broken out in a long time. That's the only difference I can tell between Neutrogena and other products as I generally take good care of my skin.
I'll probably continue to buy this or try the serum instead. Eventually I'd like to try a stronger retinol cream, maybe in a year or two.

I don't think I'll buy this again. When I first started using it, my skin felt really good, but I guess my skin is used to it now and it isn't really doing anything that I couldn't get in a lower priced product.

Review by scrapdoll: I bought this expecting irritation and breakouts with my rosacea but definitely saw results, good results. Yes, had some peeling so applied every other night per directions and within a couple of weeks saw a reduction in hyperpigmentation and maybe a lessening in the deepness of some wrinkles. A miracle? No but I would venture if I continued using (switched to Obagi so stopped) I'd still be seeing results and may add back in on the opposite nights of blender/retin-a if not too much with my freakish skin. Kind of pricey for drugstore but not as HE as Pro-X so okay with me.

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Dr. Denese Pore Refining Toner

Review by Suzy_h: This product feels so fresh and clean on the skin. The packaging is nice because of the stopper at the end with a tiny hole in it to keep you from spilling too much. It is not drying or irritating to the skin and can be used with any other products you are using.

Review by aguskl: I am really liking the Dr. Denese line being mixed into my skin care routine.
She has two cleansers, Dermaclean and the Hydrating cleanser.
My personal preference is for the Dermaclean paired with the Pore Refining Toner. I find that this pairing works best for me.

Review by Erin: As far as toners go, it's just fine. The packaging -- at least for the small size that comes with the starter kit-- is awful, though. The bottle is impossible to squeeze, but I've found that a few shakes work quite well to dispense the toner.

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