what is a good face scrub?3 recommended face scrubs

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By Monica

what is a good face scrub?Let's see the 3 recommended face scrubs !


Bliss Labs Super Minty Soap N' Scrub

Review by labelslut: This product did what I hoped that lush freeze would do. It cooled my skin dramatically! I can't wait to test it out on a hot summer day...even standing under hot water my skin felt cool. I actually was freezing when I got out because I used it in the middle of the night not expecting it to be so strong. It smelled great though and exfoliated like a dream. Worth the price!

Review by mielr: this scrub definitely cools you down - so maybe i will add a lippie in mid-July, but now when it's still cool, the chilling factor is a liability not an asset. i don't like feeling freezing after my shower. so i even tried to just use it on select body part that are especially dry and rough - knees and elbows, and there is nothing weirder than having knees and elbows several degrees cooler than the rest of your body! i felt like i rubbed peppermint patties on them. HOWEVER, the product was redeemed to 3 lippie status when i decided to use it as a foot scrub and for that it is amazing. i fill the tub with hot water and use this scrub for a mini-at-home pedicure. helps smooth out rought heels and the cool tinglies feel much better on toes than elbows!

Review by glossgal_01: Great scrub! Exfolliates and cleanses. Strong minty smell. Wakes me up and makes me feel soft and clean. Can't ask for much else in the morning!Overpriced, as all Bliss products are, and the tube sucks once 3/4 is gone.

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Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Just a Minute Scrub

Review by staci01: This product is great! It smells good, it's easy to use and the results are noticeable. It makes my hands and cuticles feel soft and smooth. It's somewhat moisturizing, but I always follow it with additional hand lotion. I've been really surprised by this, mostly because it is really inexpensive and I haven't found much else in this brand that I like.

Review by hersheyb: I so love this product. I like a lot of the True Blue Spa products, but this is my favorite.
I got really really dry hands while working as a clerk in a warehouse. Although I was a secretary, the dry and cold warehouse air had my hands and cuticles dry and cracking in time. No amount of hand lotion, even intensive ones, seemed to help, and my nails were constantly breaking.
I bought this, a voila! Even after the first day, my hands didn't get as dry or painful at work. After a week, my hands felt so much better, I was simply amazed.
I took off one lippy because I hate the packaging. After use for a couple times, unless you are very careful to wipe the pot down each time, the scrub gets harder to close, and air will get in and dry out the product.

Review by Jennybear: Love the scent, love the feel, love the results. My hands always look and feel so good after I've used this. My only complaint would be the packaging; it's impossible to get any product out of the jar without some dripping, but that's a minor complaint for an awesome product.

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Philosophy Candy Cane Salt Scrub

Review by bebejacket: I love this scrub. It smells just like a candy cane- strongly of mint, with sweet undertones. As a previous reviewer mentioned, the formula is not at all oily, which makes it easy to use (and I tend to find I like the sensation of non-oily scrubs on my skin better than oily ones). It's not too harsh or abrasive, but it still feels like a scrub. Where this really stands out, however, is in the minty-zing department. WOW. This scrub gives a strong cooling rush whenever you use it. It literally made me cold in the shower. I like that. I'll probably be putting the rest away for the summer because this would be awesome when it's hot outside.

Review by dontblink15: I'm going to ignore the scent basically. I like it but I don't love it. However I find the mix has to be stirred/shaken alot. It definitely seperates. That takes all of 5 seconds but it's still not something I want to have to do every day. I don't really like the pkg either. I don't like having to stick my fingers into the jar-- I'd prefer a squeeze bottle or a pump. It's an ok product I'll use what I have. I'll buy again but not this flavor...I think Philosophy makes nice products.

Review by kimberpoo: AMAZING! This is the first time Ive ever used a body scrub and I bought this on a whim to treat myself since i loved the smell in sephora. I used it on my dry skin not expecting much and i was greeted with a strong minty, candy smell which went into my nostrils and cleared my sinus cavities. LOL I concentrated on areas such as my ass and stomach both of which have stretchies. Upon rinsing it off my skin was silky smooth and glowing! I will definately buy this again when i run out. I think its a great product.

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