what is a good face moisturizer?3 top face moisturizers

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By Tifanny

what is a good face moisturizer?Let's see the 3 top face moisturizers !


Yves Saint Laurent Temps Majeur Intensive Skin Supplement

Review by oneofmylies99: I've just started using this amazing cream about 3 weeks ago and it's working wonders for my delicate skin. It has about the same consistency and similar results as Shiseido's Future Solution but gives even more radiance to my skin. It is pricey but you don't need to use serum underneath and you can use it both for day and night

Review by pretty_please: I don't know if I am reviewing the right product. The one I have is the Temps Majeur Serum. I had a sample of this. It has a nice, light texture and the smell is typical of YSL skincare, powdery, rose, somewhat "old lady." I didn't see any great improvement, but I only had a sample of the product. Would not repurchase based on smell and price.

Review by stellaluna2: I found it similar to Shiseido's Bio Performance Super Advanced Revitalizer N, but I have never tried the Future Solution the member below has.
IMHO, it was just an average product. I got a sample of it when I worked in the cosmetics department of a store that used to carry the line and even the YSL counter staff (who were all miserable anyways) dissed it. No difference when I used it, but again, it was just a sample, not the entire jar.
I had purchased/been given a handful of actual full size YSL skincare products and none of them left a distinct memory- good or bad.
But, oh, the packaging and jar!!!

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Aveeno Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Cream

Review by mielr: I have VERY sensitive skin and recently burned my face using another "miracle" product that really wasn't. To help get rid of the burning sensation I bought a tube of this cream and applied it on my face. THIS PRODUCT IS WONDERFUL!!! I have very odd skin it's super dry in some spots and super oily in others. I love this cream so much although it is really supposed to be used for skin irritations, I find it is the perfect moisturizer for me through the fall/winter months. It's not oily, a little goes a long way, AND my face does NOT break out at all!! It's a miracle in a tube, forget the fancy creams I'm keeping my accidentally-found yet perfect moisturizer.

Review by Susie31: I LOVE this product! It's my MUST HAVE for combating acne. I'm serious! My friend recommended it to me. She has perfect clear skin and the only thing she uses is this product on the occasional pimple. I was hesitant at first but decided to try it out. I just spot treat it on my zits and it reduces the redness and swelling and brings it to a head in only a day or two! This product is great! My acne goes away in half the time now.

Review by fitnessa: I just want to let everyone know that continuous use of hydrocortisone on the skin can lead to collagen of the skin being destroyed and cause skin fragility

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La Prairie Anti-Aging Stress Cream

Review by Jennybear: I love this product. As a MBA student, I had to stay up until 3am almost every night. This product revives my skin and plumps up fine lines. My skin is super sensitive. This cream is the most gentle cream I have tried so far. Recommend!

Review by mriaow: I don't think i'll buy this again. This moisturizer is too expensive for having the same outcomes. It does get absorbed easily and leaves skin soft, but i think i've had other moisturizers that do the same. Will continue my search for a new moisturizer.
pros: absorbs into skin fast, leaves skin soft
cons: tooooo expensive, bulky container, have to use a little spatula or your fingers to get moisturizer.

Review by bunnyrabbit: I wasnt impressed with this product. The constancy was not enough for my skin, even though i used the Hydrating serum underneath.

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