what is a good face moisturizer?3 popular face moisturizer

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what is a good face moisturizer?Let's see the 3 popular face moisturizer !


La Prairie Cellular Resurfacing Cream

Review by coolRED: LP is truly amazing, their products usually work wonders on my skin! My skin looks and feels smoother since using this and I have noticed some breakouts and blackheads starting to clear as well, thanks to the various AHA/BHA in it. I find the texture quite lightweight and easily absorbed which I love, the scent is a bit overpowering but not too bad. It's similar to the Hydro Repair night gel/cream which I used to use but found it made my skin sting a little, but this product definitely seems to suit my skin. I'm thinking of trying to use more LP skincare products to fix my somewhat problem skin...well that is if I can afford it! But will def repurchase this product for a while.

Review by pinktulip: Tried a sample cause the cost is high on 4th day of usage and not sure but did buy da product and will persevere

Review by tippygirl: One of the very best facial creams I have ever used! I have tried many creams! Obagi, Revive renewing cream, Skinceuticals Renew Overnight Oily, NeoStrata ... this is the best when it comes to resurfacing ... Obagi peeling is a nightmare but the results are wonderful .. revive comes second after laprairie resurfacing cream .. Skinceuticals Renew Overnight Oily 3'd and neostrata cream last ... why? bcz this Resurfacing Cream is very gentle and it makes the skin glow without irritation or breakouts ... Thank you La Prairie for this beautiful product :)

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Sisley Botanical Day Cream with Lily

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: I went on Sisley's cosmetics website and got a consultation based on my skin type, which is combination and can be more oily/shiny during summertime.
The day cream recommended to me was the Botanical Day Cream with Lily. So I picked up some samples, and am sorry to say that it was much too heavy for me during summertime, even though it's advertised as a 'light' cream.
I applied this on in the morning over Ecological Compound, and throughout the day my face was shiny, and it felt like I could see my pores more clearly.
I so wanted to like this product, but unfortunately it wasn't for me.

Review by ninanina: I generally like Sisley products, but can't say much about this one.
The good things are that it DOES make my complexion look nice, but more in a healthy way, and nothing miraculous. Plus, its texture does serve as a good summer moisturizer.
, it feels like a thin film on my face (it claims to form a protective layer beneath makeup), so it serves its purpose, but the ttexture does not suit my liking. It did not break me out, which is a good thing. Also, I do not like its smell much, it smells a little bitter and herb-like, not like the fflower Lily which is what I originally thought it would be.
Overall, it is one of the more moderately priced Sisley product - however, you can find a cheaper substitute for it, w/ SPF that it lacks.

Review by jamelia: This is wonderful moisturizer I have ever tried. It absorbs quickly, and makes my skin hydrated, dewy, glow, and nice. It seems to even out my skin tone as well. And it hasn't broken out my skin. I have oily and sensitive skin, and this moisturizer is just right for me, both in winter and summer. I will repurchase this again and again.

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H20 Face Oasis Shine-Neutralizing Gel

Review by GreeneyedGal: I picked this up since I had oily skin and I always liked face oasis... I thought this version of the face oasis might be good for me. The idea of having eight glasses of water delivered to your skin is very tempting to me!! I never consistently used face oasis, but I have samples from previous h2o purchases and I use it once in a blue moon and it does the job. Anyhow I bought this one for around 40 CAD when they had a promotion. This one didn't work out much for me, it's just another one of those more than average moisturizer... doesn't really hydrate my skin, doesn't control shine..... it's lighter than face oasis... if I have to compare it to the original version I would have bought the original....

Review by AimeeO: This is a great moisturizer! It's silky smooth, moisturizing and not oily. The gel is almost immediately absorbed by the skin without leaving any greasiness. The smell is also great. My face felt so hydrated after applying it. As for dipping into the jar, I recommend using a little scoop. Some SK-II products come with a scoop for the jar and I found it very useful - so that the cream doesn't get under your nails etc. Although the H20+ gel doesn't come with one, you can get it pretty much anywhere.

Unfortunately, this gel is a little expensive at 48 CAD for 50ml or else I'd be purchasing more often. I switched to an alternative which works just as well; Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel since it's more affordable at 34 CAD for 125ml.

Review by DawnD: I like it, I also liked the idea of eight glasses of water for my face. It's moisturizing, but I was expecting more than what it delivers. It's a good cream for my bf, but for myself, it's very mediocre. I see some of the other reviewers are worried about some of the ingredients in the product, therefore I won't be buying it again. For myself or my bf, no matter how much he likes it.

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