what is a good face cleanser?3 effective face cleanser reviews

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By Elena

what is a good face cleanser?Let's see the 3 effective face cleanser reviews!


Boots Botanics Moisturising Deep Clean Foam

Review by funkybabe: My acne prone sensitive skin is becoming dryer and dryer partially due to tretinoin treatment and zit creams. so I decided to switch to this cleanser as it says it is moisturizing, so far so good, I am impressed! It cleanses very well and doesnt leave me overly tight or dry. Its not super moisturizing but good enough for now. not hg and I feel it could brighten more so I give it a 4.....will update.......
I am loving this, its perfect for me doesnt irritate or leave me all tight and dry and no breakouts. This is my HG for now, I havent found a better cleanser than this.....yet.
UPDATE #2: It is now february dead of winter and this cleanser is too drying, will use in warmer months only. I am using aveeno and avene cleanser instead now.

Review by glossgal_01: I really tried to like this product, but I found that it dried out my skin (not usually a problem as my skin is not overly sensitive). I passed it onto my SO and it's working great for him.

Review by cyndiinphilly: I've been testing out this cleanser for about a week now and I'm happy to report so far so good. It has a mild fragrance - reminds me of shea butter - but it doesn't last long. When I lather it on a washcloth it creates a little bit of foam, not a lot but enough to spread over your face. Immediately upon rinsing it off my skin felt very soft and conditioned. I tend to be acne prone and haven't seen any increase in breakouts since I've started using this.
After nearly 2 weeks using this cleanser, I have to say it does leave skin a little tight after cleansing and the moisturizing benefits seem to have vanished. I've tried my best to remedy the problem by incorporating AHA (PC 8% gel) into my routine at night to help keep my skin smooth, but I am a little disappointed. Still, all in all it's one of the best cleansers I've used.

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Chanel Gel Tendre Non-Foaming Makeup Remover for Face & Eyes

Review by Chloeclover: I love this clenser.. it's effective in removing my makeup AND gentle. My only complain is that this cannot remove my eye makeup (even if it were just light makeup)..

Review by pinktulip: This is THE make up remover. It's light, fresh smelling and removes every last trace of makeup from my face, including waterproof mascara and lipstick. This has really been my Holy Grail of face cleansers. I have super sensitive skin and since I started using it over a month ago my skin has had fewer reactions and is looking great. Love this product.

Review by GreeneyedGal: This is one of my favorite cleansers as it does a good job of removing make-up with a lovely subtle smell and without stinging my eyes. It's on the expensive side so I don't use it everyday although I'd love to do so. I usually alternate between this and Cetaphil for sensitive skin. On a down note, it doesn't take off heavy eye make-up completely.

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Darphin Intral Cleansing Milk

Review by belle2216: first, gripes: I would prefer a pump, it costs way too much, and I only notice how wonderful this stuff is when the weather is severe (duh, that's the point:)
it really reduced the itchy red blotchies on my face during the newengland winters..so I say it's worth every penny for a bottle in the winter (at a discount it's still 33 dollars)...you are only supposed to use a small amount (unless you use it to remove makeup which is a waste in my opinion, use walmart facial cleansing cloths, same as ponds, but cheaper, and they work better) so it will last 3-4 months. It leaves your skin soft, hydrated and ready for moisturizer....there is nothing to say except BUY it if your skin is sensitive, and you will see the results! EDIT: i have found out that I had the old formulation, and some people have problems with the new one, so you'd best find out which you are buying first!

Review by maribebe: This product is really a luxurious treat! It has a very nice vanilla scent, and removes my makeup so gently but effectively (except for eye make-up). I've combo skin and had moderate problem areas which cleared up after using some exfoliating treatments. However, my skin became sensitive and was often red and slightly dry. Shu Uemura's cleansing oil worked well to remove all make-up but caused some bumps and breakouts. Now that I've switched to this product, my skin is so soft and clean after use, and it has definitely helped to reduce my skin's sensitivity and breakouts. I will continue using this for sure.

Review by tambien: This is one of the best milk cleansers I have ever used. I love the smell, smells like almond which gives you the calmness. This product cleans my skin really well and never had any breakouts.
In terms of prices, it is quite expensive compare to some other cleansing products in the market, but I'm willing to spend the money to look after my skin.
will definitely buy again.

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