what is a good face cleanser?3 best face cleanser reviews

By Sara

what is a good face cleanser?Let's see the 3 best face cleanser reviews!


First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

Review by bastet: The price for this cleanser is ridiculous. HOWEVER, I can't say another bad thing about it. Unscented, completely non-irritating, no tightness, no stinging, no redness, no residue. It did a great job of cleaning. I have oily, sensitive skin, and rosacea which I have successfully managed for a few years now without going to a dermatologist. I have another cleanser on order for comparison which I may end up returning to splurge on this one. I work near a Sephora so I don't have to spend extra for shipping. I always take availablity and shipping costs into account in evaluating a product as well as my time waiting. FAB does not test on animals which is the first question I ask before buying a product.

Review by Carrie: Another huge disappointment from FAB. This left my normal/combo skin really dry and tight. I feel like it is comparable to a drug store product.

Review by misswillow: I've been using this for about a month and I am quite pleased with the results. I have very fair skin with mild rosacea. I believe that my skin has become less red and reactive as a result of using this product, along with the First Aid Beauty Anti-Redness Serum and the FAB Ultra Repair Cream. I use all three products at night, in the morning I will sometimes put on the FAB URC under my sunscreen (Blue Lizard Sensitive).
Will repurchase!

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LUSH Dark Angels

Review by miss_mac: This product cleans my face really well. However my nose does feel oily after about two hours but that is due to the super hot weather here in karachi ! At first I thought this product did not do much for me... felt really harsh on my skin but I guess I have discovered and keep finding new ways to make it more effective. First of all to see the real effect of it - I stopped using all other cleansers/soaps. Then I started using it in the shower after I am done - I feel the hot steam really makes it work hahaha. I felt the product left a 'film' on my skin so therefore a toner is A MUST ! Trust me you would be surprised at the black goo you'll see on the cotton pad ! I use MAC fix + btw. I would probably buy it again but since I asked my brother in the UK to get it for me... I think Ill try other LUSH stuff instead. Also the short expiry is annoying.

Review by pink_cosmos: How do you use this cleanser???? I put a pea size in my palm and mix with a little water like the instructions say but it just turns into a watery mess! Any suggestions on how to properly use this? I love coal face so I figured I would this a try but so far I can't rate how it works since all of it usually goes down the drain!

Review by iberian: Let me start of by telling you that I have horrible combination skin.. super oily everywhere, but dry around my mouth, and pimples here and there. Dark Angels is the first LUSH product I have tried and this exfoliater/cleanser, after using it twice, has already started to clear up the cystic acne on my cheeks and jawline. I am so impressed by how clean my face feels. I only use a dime size portion of it, since it goes a long way.. one of the reasons why its not too pricey for me. I would recommend using this product every other day, depending on your level of sensitivity. I will definitely be purchasing this if I ever run out!

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Boots Time Delay Massaging Cleansing Balm

Review by Keva: I'm afraid I didn't really like it. I think it was the ingredients that put me off- a base of petroleum, paraffin, mineral oil. That's all this cleanser really is - and the essential oils are way down the list. You could probably cleanse with vaseline and a muslin cloth in a similar way. As far as solid cleansers go this was only my second. I probably will try the eve lom and the liz earle at some point but for now I'm sticking with my LUSH baby face, which is cheaper and has wonderful ingredients. I did a test by the way, the LUSH on one eye and the Time Delay on the other, and the LUSH won hands down for ease of make-up removal. EDIT: I am now using the Eve Lom and although they are similar in their application and packaging, I think Eve Lom is far superior. The time delay is thinner in texture and doesn't smell as good. Well, as I said it is basically vaseline.

Review by Bonnie2842: tried this with a Boots voucher and I'm not sure about it really. You get a large amount of what seems to be vaseline with a light scent. the ingredients are:
Paraffinum liquidum, Petrolatum, Cetearyl isononanoate, C12-13 pareth-3, Cera microcristalilna, Hydrogenated castor oil, Parafin, Steareth=2, polysorbate 20, Parfum, Carnumba, Dipropylene glycol, Ascorbyl palmitate, Retinyl palmitate, Tocopherol.
mainly emollients and vitamins!
despite my skin being quite oily and blemish prone/sensitive in places this hasn't irritated at all. it feels nice when you use it but I can't see that it cleanses very much and its difficult to rinse well especially with the teensy weensy muslin cloth that comes with it.
however my skin feels lovely and soft afterwards. I prefer l'occitane's olive oil cleanser so probably won't repurchase. worth a try if you have dry skin.

Review by abrilio: Best cleanser ever. I find theres no need to mosturise when using this product. Skinis left smooth, clean and grease free! Eve lom copy, but at the fraction of the price...
at the moment its on special offer in Boots nationwide. Ladies who use Eve Lom cleansers,try this, just once and youll never go back to eve lom.
More people should review this product. Its simply wonderful.

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