what is a good eyeshadow?3 recommended eyeshadow

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By Tifanny

what is a good eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 recommended eyeshadow !


Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad Romantic Mauves

Review by mriaow: Beautiful color, I just love the eyeshadow quads, they last pretty long and don't crease. I use the glimmerstick lip liner in perfect plum with this and it matches beautifully and lasts all day.

Review by cweiss: OMG!!! i love this quad. i used to be an Avon only girl...then they changed their formulas and i wasn't able to use or wear a lot of their stuff. i'm slowly getting back to Avon. so, i bought this quad...it was on sale and i thought the colors were pretty. i'm so glad i did!!! love, love, love it. colors are super pretty and pigmented nice. lesson learned...use a good makeup brush to apply. the little applicators don't do a thing!

Review by CherryBlossom03: This is my favorite of the True Color Quads. The colors are amazing and they are so pigmented! I reach for this all the time. I have to make myself put it down and use one of the other million eye shadows at my vanity!! I will repurchase this again and again---though this will last me forever. Way to go AVON! Please don't ever discontinue this one!

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Bobbi Brown Ash Shimmer Wash

Review by dxgirly: This was recommended to me by a BB MUA. I'm quite fair, so was very surprised to find the color takes a lot of building to show up on my skin. It's a great everyday lid shade (layered over a matte white/cream shade) - the taupe color is neutral, and it has a subtly silvery finish, so it looks nice with my cool complexion. The shimmer wash shades can be applied with a brush, but I find using my finger instead allows for more density of color.

Review by London84: Like others described below, ash is a silvery heather-taupe color. At first I found it didn't show up much on me. Although I am pale (BB Warm Ivory) I have some hyperpigmentation on my eye lids, so it just added shimmer. But, when I mix it with other eye shadows, it gives some additional depth and makes some shades more wearable. ASH has given new like to at least 3 older eye shadows that I haven't used in ages. So I am happy with this purchase since it is a very versatile color.

Review by ckgurl714: Ash is described on the Bobbi Brown website as "light silvery heather." To me, it appears to be a lovely greyish beige with a light shimmer. It's much lighter than I expected, but it's truly beautiful and an excellent addition to the Bobbi Brown line. Edited to add: The more I wear this shadow, the more I like it. It blends with every color I try. I usually wear a light base, such as Bone or Baby Ppink, add Ash on the lid, and then touch up the outside with a darker shade such as Hot Stone or Smoke. It looks great with everything.

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mark Hello Pretty Eyeshadow Duo on Corset-Cake

Review by taskeeng: I just received this eyeshadow today. I bought it when I realized that, after going through my dozens and dozens of eyeshadows, I didn't own a single dark grey. Cake solved that problem perfectly. It's a shimmery dark grey that goes well with my blue eyes. I don't like super-dark eyeshadows all over my lid, so I use this as a liner, and it works nicely that way. (I use it with a dampened slanted liner brush.) And Corset is a light shimmery pink - a nice color all over my lid when I want my liner to stand out. I don't care for the packaging, since it's just a flimsy plastic case. I would prefer a sturdier case, but for 6 for two large eyeshadows, I won't complain too much. I'd definitely repurchase.

Review by hersheyb: This is a gorgeous duo that I knew I just had to have when I first saw it in the mark magalog. One of the colors is a very pretty light pink with barely noticeable silver shimmer, perfect as a wash over the entire lid. The other is a deep, shimmery grey that's fantastic used as a liner or in the crease. Both colors are smooth and very easy to blend. Like all the other i mark shadows, their lasting power is what I would call fair. Doesn't disappear, but certainly doesn't last all day and evening on me, even with a base. Still, for the price, mark's eyeshadows are excellent and I only wish these two gorgeous shades were a permanent addition to the line.

Review by bekkbekk1985: I love this duo - I mainly bought it for the grey. It is perfect for a smokey eye, or if I want my liner to be more subtle. I can also use the pink as a sheer, pretty wash over my eyelid.

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