what is a good eyeshadow?3 effective eyeshadow compare

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what is a good eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 effective eyeshadow compare!


Maybelline Expertwear eye shadow in Creme de Cocoa

Review by SisleyAus: When I saw this on sale at Rite Aid for 2.50-3, why not? I needed a matte neutral color anyway. My, oh my, I have looked down on drugstore makeup for the past few years, and this one eyeshadow has really changed my perspective. Very pigmented, and very gorgeous color! This is probably perfect for any occasion.

Review by clnfox: Nice matte shadow. As a redhead I use it as a brow filler, it has that nice auburn tone that works well for the purpose, as well as not having any sheen. Have also used as a shadow and I have to say it is a nice everyday shade. Not too flashy but a good everyday wear!

Review by aml1: I really like this color. eyeshadows really change on me, and most browns are just off in color for me. I thought this might be too red when I bought it, but it is surprisingly neutral. It's the perfect balance of warmth and cool for my coloring. It goes on smoothly and I don't need much. I'm quite pleased.

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Jane Eyezing in Magical Mushroom

Review by Cordelia: LOVE THIS! I've been wearing it every day for quite awhile. It is discontinued, hopefully they have a similar color because I'm almost out. I have had the same pot of this color for like 4 years, so you know it lasts.

Review by pinkiiish: I just received this little gift from my MUA buddy Joya today. I had given up on finding this and she had one to spare. What a sweetie! This is a great shade that will go with just about anything. I'm very impressed with Jane Eye Zings. Nice eyeshadows and sooo cheap! I used the Magical Mushroom very lightly as a lid color and darker in the crease. Then a little Goldie Looks over the lid and blended with a very tiny bit of BE's Bisque. Sounds weird but it really looks great. I'll try something different with it tomorrow. I have a feeling I'll be reaching for this on a lot. Thanks Joy!!

Review by stellaluna2: This is the eyeshadow that makes my eyes pop out.I love the sparkling look to it. I also use it as a liner and it makes my brown eyes stand out. I use it dry. Wet liner kind of bothers my eyes.

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Jill Stuart Brilliance Eyes eyeshadow quads

Review by ckgurl714: Although I have most things by Jill Stuart, I hated their eyeshadow quads. Too chalky and powdery, too much glitter, you will end up with glitter over your face and cheeks after application. Pigmentation is not as good as you think, do not blend easily.

Review by lipstik: The packaging is GORGEOUS and that is probably what drew my friends into buying it for me for my birthday! The quality though is not the greatest. Its extremely glittery with alot of fallout, so be prepared to wipe off excess glitter from your cheeks. The colors are pretty pigmented which is good. Not really great for a day look because its way too glittery but it would work for a great night look, given that you had the time to clean up the excess fallouts!

Review by IMAproductwhore: My first high end eyeshadow quad, I picked Crystal Jade but I think I can pull off all other shades well too. The most beautiful and elegant texture, scent and finish. When I use the three lighter shades as liner, the pigment can go on very bright with a good quality liner brush, but if using a soft squirrel shading brush pigment is very sheer but sparkly on the eyelids, I use the taklon brushes to build up pigment as the shadows are very versatile. I don't really use the dark shade as I find the pigment to be too strong, perhaps a dab around the corners to enhance natural contours. I get a lot of compliments using the blue and green shades, it's unusual and even though I collect blue and green shadows, I have yet to come across another that is similar. LOVE IT.

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