what is a good eyeshadow?3 easy to use eyeshadow ranking

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what is a good eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 easy to use eyeshadow ranking!


Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Eye Shadow - Sparkling Nude

Review by scrapdoll: I was buying makeup online at Clinique trying to bring my purchase up to the GWP level before the deal ran out. So I searched MUA for reviews and this was one of the items that caught my eye. I was fully warned that this is very sheer/virtually colorless. It provides a nice sheen and sheer wash of color. At first, it goes on so shimmery it's scary (for my 45-y-o lids) but it calms down nicely.
This would be a nice option for a quick, casual day like wearing on the weekends. It does brighten the eye - there's no way it could look overdone! However, I compared it to the lighter shade in my Clinique Like Mink eyeshadow duo (which I use a lot) and it's EXACTLY the same. I don't really need two of these, so I'm returning it. If I didn't have a dupe, I'd keep it and I will probably try other colors in the line.

Review by lizbert: I use this as an eye base and its ok. Its shimmery so it gives whatever eyeshadow I put over it a different colour (obviously) which is not always what I want. This lasts fairly well throughout the day but does crease quicker than TFSI and paint pots. I probably won't repurchase because nothing beats my TFSI but its definitely something you should try out if you're interested in this product.

Review by bastet: I really like this as a base. Agreeing with the previous reviewer, this is a good shade for pale skin shades, maybe not dark. I have very pale yellow skin, dark hair, and hazel eyes, and find this shade flattering. Lasting power is great- no creasing or fading, and doesn't look dry. For a quick, long-wearing product, I would recommend this.

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NYX Trio in Serengeti

Review by zhenya: Colors look very bright in the pan but when applying them they look much more muted.
The colors still are nice but not as bright as I wanted 2. But that makes them very wearable for daytime.

Review by London84: These trios are really good for the price, and I really like the little packaging they are in with that cute little mirror! If you buy them from some places online you can get them for 5.99! That's 2 bucks a color and the color payoff is really pretty good!

Review by jenss79: This is the green I've been searching for all these years. The lighter green in this trio is the vibrant lime I've been aching for and the darker slightly mossy green is the perfect shade tone. Add to it a beautiful yellow which is clear and bright enough not to look horrible against my olive skin tone and you have a total win of a compact. All this for 6 at Eckerds.
I get compliments just about every time I wear these colors and I've had more then one woman look at me wistfully and exclaim that they wish they could wear green eyeshadow, and to me that is the mark of a winning color. I love pairing these with a bright teal blue for an insanely vibrant peacock look.

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Annabelle Eyeshadow #101 (Bronze)

Review by belle2216: This color is very pretty and it blends and wears well, but it doesn't look right on my Asian skin color. I look pretty washed out when I wear it.

Review by OutofControl: Yet another bronze copper for my collection - I can't seem to get enough. Gives eyes pop, doesn't look gaudy. Annabelle seems to have stepped up - I don't remember the shadows gliding on like this when I first tried them some time ago.

Review by dxgirly: Bronze has an amazing color similar to MAC amberlights but less orange!
it is a very nice golden brown color! it applies nicley and wont break the bank!

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