what is a good eyeshadow?3 easy to use eyeshadow comparison

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By Helen

what is a good eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 easy to use eyeshadow comparison!


Ulta Luna

Review by tetrakis: What an unbelievably fantastic shade. Ulta eyeshadows are hit or miss, and this one is a HUGE hit. This is a lovely light blue with a green tinge and gold shimmer. It looks boring in the pan, but incredibly beautiful on. Lots of pigment and good lasting power. I would pay a lot more for this shadow than 6.50, and these are on sale for 50% off so frequently that you have no excuse not to go check them out!

Review by LuiLui: Beautiful blue shade with flecks of silver shimmer in it! It makes a great evening color!

Review by Cygentte3: Good shadow. Not extremely pigmented to some layering require, however for 6.50 I can't complain. Its a very good alternative (the colors are almost exactly the same) to MAC Steamy or Shimmermoss, and Too Faced Fantasy Island duo (the blue side. Would purchase again if I ran out, however the pot is pretty big so I probably wont be running out anytime soon. Check out over all eye shadow review for more comparisons

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Ulta Gold Dust

Review by mworley00: Wow, very glad I gave this a chance. When I went looking for it, I couldn't find it at first given it was such a dark shade to be called "Gold Dust", but then I saw it and honestly it wasn't a shade I would have picked up on a whim... but I am glad I read the reviews and tried it. I applied it all over and smoked it out a bit, and it really looks lovely on my light blue/green eyes. Smoky, but not too intense, and so smooth and blendable. I can imagine using this in the future as a crease shade for work or a good weekend all over shade that is not over the top but still sultry. Definitely worth a try!

Review by Alexis: Gold Dust is an all-around great color to have in your stash. Contrary to its name, Gold Dust doesn't have any gold in it nor does it look dusty. Gold Dust is a neutral to warm-toned dark bronzey taupe. It does not have any red or orange undertones (thankfully as eyeshadows with those undertones make me look ill).

I like that it can be used as a wash on your lid, or as a crease color or as a color to shade the outer "v" of your eye. It's also great if you want to do a smokey eye. Gold Dust is silky, pigmented, and blendable. What a great find!

Retails for 6.50 at Ulta stores but Ulta products are often on sale as BOGOF.

If you are a taupe-lover as much as I am, then you would definitely need to have this taupe eyeshadow in your collection.

Review by aml1: I agree with the previous reviewer. Gold Dust shouldn't have been the name lol. It's more like a deep brown with bronze hints. It's beautiful. I have the older formula, which is not as silky as the new one, might have to re-buy it.

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Wet 'n' Wild Silk Finish Eye Shadow in 'Cream'

Review by runty: I bought this on a whim and have been shocked at how much I love it. For 1.99, you get an excellent highlighting eyeshadow -- a very silky vanilla-y shade, almost a buttery texture, with very delicate, tasteful, but luminescent shimmer. I'm in love. Depotting these is a royal pain, though, as cmonge says; I broke mine and had to fix it with rubbing alcohol. More importantly, the eyeshadow pan is aluminum instead of steel, so it won't stick to the magnets in your palette anyway, plus it's deeper than standard pans. I recommend skipping the depotting; I ended up putting mine back into the pot.

Review by cgosyne: This shade is the perfect base colour for my warm-toned LLL skin-a warm ivory with a slight gold tone. This shade looks great with browns, bronzes, peaches and some green colours. It has a silky texture and it blends and lasts well too. My only gripe is that it's very shimmery, but I just use a light hand and it's perfect. I love this, and I can't stress how much of an unbelievable bargain these shadows are. You owe it to yourself-and your wallet- to try them ASAP! :)

Review by aguskl: I got this today when it was buy one get one 50% off. So since it was so cheap, i decided to get one. This color had the most reviews and when i got home and tried it on, I was very pleased. It matches perfectly with my skin tone and it's very good to wear to school everyday.!

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